Rock and Rule


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Yes. Im talking about the animated post apocalyptic story about a girl and her band trying to save the world from the villian :Mok
This movie came out in the early to mid 80s and as far as I have searched there was no soundtrack for this movie.
I find this quite odd since it is obviously centered around music. <_<
Artists included :
Lou Reed
Iggy Pop
Debroah Harry (Blondie)
Cheap Trick

Ther are a few more to my knowledge,but I have never been able to find a track listing much less track down the songs in this movie. :huh:

Any help would be of course greatly appreciated.

I have no clue! Never even heard of it.

I tried searching on IMDb, and came up empty. Was it a movie released in theaters? Or on TV/Cable? Video Release only?
This site (beware of pop-ups, frames, etc.) has information about the movie "Rock and Rule" and a soundtrack (bootleg) listing.
Michelle. I found it in the IMDB here:

It was released in theatres nationally(1983).

jca: Thanks , Ive never run into that site and it has more information than most. Though,I have a feeling the listing it has is still missing a track or two.

Theres one scene where the guys are in a club searching for Angel and the music in the background is a female vocalist and shes saying things like: "Please deposit another dime.Your 3 minutes is up AHHHHHHHH(scream).The vocal is clear and its obviously not Debroah Harry of Blondie.

Its halarious and very 80s sounding obviously and if you grew up during this decade as I did ,you really like the artists music involved or at least some of it.

Thanks for trying let me know if you find anything else.
It is much appreciated,as always.

halo13 :D
Originally posted by halo13@Feb 3 2004, 07:09 AM
It is much appreciated,as always.
No problem. I've never seen the movie. It doesn't appear to be on DVD. Can I assume it is held up by "Heavy Metal"-like soundtrack legal/licensing issues?

Actually, I dont think the question was over the rights to the music but over the ownership of the film itself. :unsure:

But from every indication that Ive seen of late this will be released to DVD this year or next and that will depend on if theyre going to include both versions and the soundtrack with it(I can only hope).