1. AndroidE1

    Xbox One X World Premiere

    View: Could anyone tell me the name of the music in this trailer? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Michael Evan Durrah
  2. S

    Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition

    Does anyone know the music in this trailer? - It sounds similar to Two Steps From Hell song, but I could be wrong...
  3. S

    The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings

    trying to find the music that starts at 2:21. im thinking its made just for the game but i dont know for sure
  4. B

    Xbox 360 Kinect

    I haven't seen it on tv yet but there is this commercial for Kinect. Some of the lyrics are "Come on come on we haven't got all day" I thing the singer is a British woman.
  5. C

    Xbox 360 Kinect

    please does anyone know the name of the song playing?
  6. A

    Xbox 360 with the family on couch

    Could anyone tell me what the song is they're playing in the new Xbox 360 commercial where there are about 10 t.v. screens in front of a family on the couch? (Played in Canada on November 11th 2009.) Thanks, AmberIsland. :shifty:
  7. M

    Banned Xbox 360

    It's on youtube, if you search banned xbox's the commerical where everyone is using their hands as guns. Does anyone know the song in it? I can't figure out what the guy is saying...something about a tiger maybe?
  8. B

    Xbox 360

    I would like to know the song from the new Xbox 360 commercial where they set up a 360 in public, with the TV and the couch, etc. Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
  9. U

    Soul Calibur 2

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but does anyone know the name of the song from the beginning movie of soul calibur 2, or where i can get it?
  10. W

    Tony Hawk Underground

    What is the song playing in the commercial for Tony Hawk Underground? Thanks