Tony Hawk Underground

nevermind, the song's name is "United States of Whatever" by lyam Lynch. Sorry, for wasting your time. I found two minutes after I posted my question

It's never a waste of time to ask a question.. and besides, thanks for posting the answer once you found it. :)
please can anyone tell me the name of the song on the commercial tony hawk underground (not united states of whatever) there is another song that comes out on another tony hawk underground commercial if anyone can go to and download tony hawk underground tv spot 2 you will see what song i am talking about thank you very much
could anyone please tell me who the band / tune is.
thanx. :ph34r:
Hey guys what's up? Okay i have an EMERGENCY! I have been looking EVERY-WHERE for a song on Tony Hawk's Underground commercial, not "United States of Whatever" by Liam Lynch, but the one where... I think some of the lyrics go like this: "Cut me 'til I bleed... seesaw break the law all night long... one more time honey you know what i mean... one more free throw..." It's a rock song, that's for sure, and I'm wondering if anybody knows what it's called or who it's by, even the right lyrics will help!!

Thanks a lot guys!! :lol:

-Elizabeth Spade :p
You can see the Tony Hawk's Underground TV spot #2 here. I haven't been able to find out the name of the song in question. Anyone else have any ideas?
I CANNOT THANK YOU GUYS ENOUGH! :lol: :D :p :) yay im happy!!!
What's that guy saying? I Wanna Piss My Brain or I Wanna Pierce My Brain. Anyway it's a cool song. Anybody know about it?
Im not sure if this is in the other console versions, but in the Gamecube version of T.H.U.G., in the Teasers section under movies, there is a trailer for the video Chicagof, produced by Volcom. Anyone know the name of the song playing during it?
That sounds like quite a journey to find that video. Could you provide a link, perhaps?
you know your best shot would be to email them and actually ask. i did that with nintendo and got the name of the composer for the zelda trailer song i liked, it got me on track, and lead me here where i found the name of it. maybe you can get lucky?
dont expect a reply right away btw.
Good idea, and I thought of doing that right off, but I cant seem to find any means of contacting Volcom on their site.
Ahh, scratch that...found it, but not where I expected. Ill try mailing them to find out.