tony hawk

  1. A

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4

    Does anyone know the song used in this trailer?
  2. N

    Tony Hawk Ride

    There is a new tony hawk video game commercial out where he is riding the skateboard controller and they are playing some rock song in the background, does anyone know the name of the song/band? thanks
  3. M

    Tony Hawk's Project 8

    the new tony hawk video game trailer has a song that i cant figure out cud i may b get a little help plz thanx in advance
  4. M

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4

    For all who likes THPS4: What's the name of the track 5 (not including AC/DC - TNT in the start) ??? The first one is Agent Orange - Bloodstains, then comes Avail - Simple Song, then Souls Bouncing - Manthem, then Delinquent Habits - House of the Rising Drum and then .... what???? what's the...
  5. jca

    Tony Hawk's Underground... Whatever!

    Another Tony Hawk skateboarding video game? "Whatever!" In commercials for Tony Hawk's Underground (or THUG, as the kids call it) game, you hear the song used in the ad proclaiming "Whatever!" The track is "The United States of Whatever" by Liam Lynch, off of the album "Fake Songs." You might...
  6. W

    Tony Hawk Underground

    What is the song playing in the commercial for Tony Hawk Underground? Thanks