Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4


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For all who likes THPS4:

What's the name of the track 5 (not including AC/DC - TNT in the start) ???

The first one is Agent Orange - Bloodstains, then comes Avail - Simple Song, then Souls Bouncing - Manthem, then Delinquent Habits - House of the Rising Drum and then .... what???? what's the name of that rock/punk song? I tried to find out hearing it and googling it... but no success.

There is someone who knows the artist and the song title?

Can you describe the song? Genre/type, lyrics, male/female vocals, etc?

It's a progressive rock song, male voice

The lyrics at the beggining is kinda...

break it down
break it down to ...
... I'm feeling ....
when up here you're down there
it's ... near

Part of the song ending is a guitar solo.

Hot Water Music - "Freightliner"


System of a Down - "Shimmy"
Hi i'm looking for the distillers song in this game can you tell me the name pls.
Its has something in the song about cheap thrills and it was played on wildboyz anyone know what it is? also it has something with fast cars fne wine something... i lost my mind
I find the song.... finally!

Nebula - Giant

does anybody know where I can find the lyrics?

OK so i remember playing a Tony Hawk game a while back, and i heard a song that started out sounding similar to the "King of the Hill" theme on FOX. Also I remember a lyric about "Going to Little Rock" Does anyone know the name of that song?
I believe it was 3, not exactly sure, haven't played any of the games for so long, might've been on 4, I know exactly what song you mean. Maybe try looking it up on Google or something, 'cause I believe there is soundtracks out.