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Hey does anyone have the listing for the tony hawk pro skater 1 soundtrack, because I don't have the game anymore and there was a punky song that I really liked on the soundtrack, but I can not think of it for the life of me, thanks for any help.... this is really bugging me and keeping me up late currently :blink:
The Dead Kennedys had "Police truck" on the first Tony Hawk. You can't get much more punk then that song. The only other song I remember was "superman" by Goldfinger.
1. "Police Truck"
Performed by: Dead Kennedys
Album: "Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death"

2. "Here & Now"
Performed by: The Ernies
Album: "Meson Ray"

3. "Vilified"
Perfromed by: Even Rude
Album: "Superabsorbant"

4. "Superman"
Perfromed by: Goldfinger
Album: "Hang-ups"

5. "Jerry Was a Race Car Driver"
Perfromed by: Primus
Album: "Sailing the Seas of Cheese"

6. "Screamer"
Performed by: Speedealer
Album: "Speedealer"

7. "Nothing to Me"
Performed by: Speedealer
Album: "Speedealer"

8. "Cyco Vision"
Performed by: Suicidal Tendencies
Album: "Freedumb"

9. "New Girl"
Performed by: The Suicide Machines
Album: "Destruction by Definition"

10. "Committed"
Performed by: Unsane
Album: "Occupational Hazard"

11. "Euro-Barge"
Performed by: The Vandals
Album: "Hitler Bad, Vandals Good"
Which of those bands sounds like the Bosstones?

EDIT:'s "Superman"