Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2


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Does anybody know the songs on THPS2? I have the demo version from a Launch CD and it only plays 1 song. I can't understand any of the lyrics, but in one part it kinda sounds like he's saying "give me a piece of what you got". That could be totally wrong though. Sorry I can't offer any more info. Can anyone help me figure this out? Thanks
actually, i can help you out. ive been playen tony hawk games since like the begining of time, just give me an idea of what track it is in the game (if you can play it)
Hey, thanks for your reply. I'm not sure which track it would be because on the demo there's only the 1 song. I have found out that it could be one of these:

Dub Pistols - Cyclone
Consumed - Heavy Metal Winner
Swingin' Utters - Five Lessons Learned

I'm not sure what these bands sound like, so I don't know which one it would be. I have the demo version of the game that came on the Launch cd back in 2000, and the song sounds kinda punk. I'll google these 3 and see what I can find, unless you know which one it is.........?

Thanks B)
I just found it! It turned out to be Swingin' Utters - Five Lessons Learned. And I had the lyrics right! I can't believe I finally found it :p

Thanks for your help