90's Rock Song


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I heard this song a while back during the ending credits of I Love The 90's Part Deux: 1995. The song clicked with me, because I remember it being sort of popular. I can't say if it was from '95, though it would make sense. Unfortunately, I have forgotten any lyrics by now, but I remember they showed the video with it. I don't know if all the video is like this, but what I saw was four or five guys playing their instruments outside, in front of a car. There wasn't anything else around that I remember. Also, the video was in black and white. Sorry that I can't give more detail, but like I said, it was a while back. Thanks to anyone that can help.
"Back for Good" by Take That ?
That's probably not the answer 'cause it isn't a rock song and i don't know if they played instruments!!! the video was black and white, though!!
Hmm, that is it I think! Just checked the video for the song. The black and white element, the cars, the instruments - all there. True it isn't rock. I probably screwed it in my mind up since it was so long ago that I saw it. Only a small chance this isn't it. Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate it! :)