VW Volkswagen Golf GTI Gene Kelley "Singing in the Rain"

EDIT: Updated!!
More information in my post below as well...

Here it is, the original VW long version of "Singing In The Rain" will be released as a single on 8/8/05. This is a week before the release of the full album "See You In The Morning" on Wednesday 8/15/05. New information also shows that "Singin' In The Rain" will be included on the album as well.
Is the album version different than the "Waiting in the Rain" that is available on ?
I haven't heard "Waiting In the Rain," but different web sources and various posts in this thread seem to imply that "Waiting" is similar to the song used in the ad, but it's not the same. "Waiting In The Rain" is more like a mash up of their song "Wait For You" and the VW GTI ad version of "Singing In The Rain."

Mint Royale - 'See You In The Morning'
Track Listing
1. wait for you
2. the effect on me
3. something new
4. little words
5. singin' in the rain
6. harpy
7. i don’t care
8. my heart is beating fast
9. see you in the morning
10. world
11. rest your head

EDIT: Updated!!
You can see that "Singin in the Rain" will now be included on the album. Also see my edited post above for more information...
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Okay. :D Thanks for clarifying!
No Problem, I feel like such a music-geek sometimes! :nerd:
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just in case u guys are wondering what its called, its self labeled already.

"dancing in the rain" remix/gene kelly

enjoy..its GREAT. the video probably took forever to make
That's cool...too bad they couldn't use the Gene Kelly "GTI ad" for the music video!
The original is decent, but this remix pushes my happy buttons.
This is an add from a year ago or so. It features Gene Kelly and a remixed version of "Singing in the Rain".

You can view it here.

I was just wondering if anybody knew whether this was remixed specifically for this ad or if the song is out there.