VW Volkswagen Golf GTI Gene Kelley "Singing in the Rain"


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Has everyone seen the new GTI commercial yet?

If so, does anyone know who remixed "Singing in the Rain"? It's rather good...
Wow, that was the first time I saw that! Thanks for posting the link. I'm a huge Gene Kelly fan, and that made my day!

I have no idea who remixed it, but it is definatly Gene Kelly singing. I'll be research it to see what I can find out. I'm interested in knowing, too.
Doing a little searching myself, I was able to find out from a Guardian article that the remix was done by Mint Royale... here's an excerpt from the above article (you need a registration to read it):

Turner Movies had to grant rights to use the scene and EMI had to give permission to use the song, which has also been remastered by Mint Royale and which will be released in the charts.

As the commercial was to start airing last night (anyone seen it in the US, or is it just in the UK?) I suppose the song will be released soon...
yep, mixed by mint royale.

i read somewhere that they are releasing the song "on the charts", so hopefully we'll find it floating around somewhere and/or available for purchase. :)
I just saw one of the greatest commercials ever. It is for the VW Golf GTI and it has Gene Kelly doing all sorts of crazy dance moves over a remixed version of "singing in the rain" I have included a link here


I need to know who does the remix and where I can buy it. Check it out, trust me it will blow your mind. Ok maybe not blow your mind but the song is hott!
Hello Everyone this is my first Post!

There's a great new comercial for Volkswagen VW Golf GTI where Gene Kelly's "Singing in the Rain" is remixed and he does a pop and lock routine. It's very neat.

You can find the actual video file here:
VW Golf GTI Commercial

I believe Mint Royal does the remix, but I don't know what it's called or where to get just the remix song. Any suggestions?

The song is not available yet.

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I wonder why it didn't show up when I searched...

weird :blink:

Thanks though :)
An update on this, from Faith & Hope Records (Mint Royale's record company):
VW Golf "Singin' in the Rain" track
We're currently discussing the possibilities of a full length version of the "Singin' In The Rain" track that is being used as the sound track for the new VW Golf advert. Neil from Mint Royale worked his genius on the soundtrack and we've had enquiries about a full length version of the track from all over the world, so watch this space for news of further developments.
Looks like it's going to happen. :D

Good Song. I can't wait.

Plus for those who might be curious or just enjoy the dance style in that ad.
The dancer is a guy named David Bernal a.k.a. Elsewhere. His dancing is unbelievable and very hypnotic.

I recommend people check it out...
I thought I'd revive the thread to post new details about the song..

Originally posted by "F&H"

Neil from Mint Royale is going back into the studio on Monday to remix a full-length version of “singin’ in the rain”. You may remember that last week we were discussing the possibilities of a full-length version of the track that is currently being used as the sound track for the new VW Golf advert. We've had so many enquiries from all over the world that Neil said he’d give it a go and we’ll see what happens. Watch this space for more details!
More info, Release of the remix is imminent!!

Originally posted by "F&H Artists"

The Remixes On Mint Royale's 'Wait for You'
'see you in the morning' is already being touted as 'An epic album' by Mixmag and Mint Royale's first single from it, 'wait for you', is due for release on the 11th of April 2005 on 12" Single and Download. The release will include four great versions, 'wait for you', a 'Bastian' remix, 'National Forest' remix and 'Waiting In The Rain'.

Full time Mint Royale vocalist, Steven Wren, details the trials of modern life over a backing of nagging guitar hooks and tough clubby drums. As well as picking up plays in the UK (Radio1, XFM, 6Music) 'wait for you' is being played on radio stations worldwide and the video is currently on MTV Dance.

The package comes with blinding 'Bastian' and 'National Forest' remixes of the original which will be available on the 12" and as downloads from www.mint-royale.com and other download sites.

Also included is a Mint Royale mix of 'Wait For You' with backing from their hot re-mix of 'Singing In The Rain' (the deranged and delirious remix for the VW Golf ad featuring a breakdancing Gene Kelly), called 'Waiting In The Rain'. Genius or sacrilege? Who cares? It's had fans and DJ's alike clamouring for a full release of the track and reaffirmed Gene Kelly as the coolest guy around.

Don't miss Mint Royale's full 8 piece live band at Cargo, London on the day of release (11th of April).
I dunno, mayeb I'm a bit dumb. but....

Does this mean that the Remix is going to be released on the 11th?

If so... Sod eBay for a month!!, I'm waiting for THAT!!

If not... Crap.


K, You're a fool...


It's gonna be a b-side to Wait for you...

Sounds like good stuff, man...
Mint Royale finally released their new single "Wait For You" today which is available for download. BUT you can download a bundle containing four remixes INCLUDING "Waiting in the Rain" which is the song playing in the background of the widely popular VW Golf GTI commercial. So head on over to either www.mint-royale.com or www.faithandhope.co.uk
David Bernal a.k.a. Elsewhere.
Here is the video that got him the job as the dancer in this VW commercial

Found this info on Mint Royale's website. Rather than having to download the bundle pacman referenced above, it looks like they are going to wide-release "Singing In The Rain" as a single now as well! Check it out:

Neil Mint

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Posted - 04 Apr 2005 :  21:19:36    

Well, as you can see by the news on the site we can now confirm that the next single will be Singing In The Rain. You should all give yourselves a pat on the back because we really wouldn’t have made the decision without all your encouragement and support.

It should be out in June sometime, followed shortly by the album. Sorry it took a while to tell you all this, I wasn’t teasing, it has just taken longer than we thought to clear up all the details, we were approached by a bevy of labels to co-release the single and it took a while to make a final decision (it is Direction by the way).

Let’s hope everyone else likes it as much as you!


You can now download "Waiting in the Rain" on iTunes. It sounds like the song from the commercial, but does lack the components from "Singing In the Rain".

It runs 5 minutes and 42 seconds long.