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Trying to find the music from this commercial has been needling me for over a year and probably two...

There's a "family car"-type ad where a father's driving his daughter down a tree-lined suburban road, and the voice-over says something like "Don't you wish that if you drove slower, you could hold onto her childhood for just a little longer?"
Well, in the background is the most beautiful "Enya-school-of-Celt-vocal" female track, and I can't find a ruddy thing on it.
Wish I could remember the make/model of the car, but I can't even remember such trivia during a commercial's original run 'cuz I'm so busy listening to the music! The music's what stays with me!

Anyway, any help would be appreciated!

This probably isn't it, but it's one that dogged me for almost FIVE years, maybe longer, and it is very much like Enya. In fact, I believe she was a member of "Clannad", who perform "Theme From Harry's Game" in an ad for the Volkswagen Passat that aired in the USA. Was that it?
I'm looking for the name of the song or the group that did a Celtic song that was used in a car commerial. The car was being driven up a winding road on a mountain side. This was quite a few years ago. The commerial & song were featured on ET back when it was popular. I didn't catch the name group.