VW Passat



The new commercail featuring the VW Passat starts out with a biker whose bike light goes out. The commercial moves to the car following the person as though it is a warning for drunk driving.

Then the commercial moves into the emotional sell-point, where the advertiser features its unique product, directional headlights on its new vehicles. With a touching goodwill the driver guides the biker (who signalled for the car to pass) down the road with is angled lights. The whole piece is composed with a nice violin number.

Related commercails can be the Mercedes M class of 1999-2000? and perhaps the 'One Million Miles Away' of the former VW 'wedding' commercial.

hope this starts something.
I just saw this commercial (with the biker and directional headlights) and the song is Psapp's "Calm Down". :)
im not sure if its been posted here before. but the commericial is of a guy riding his bike and the car is following him and its about how the cars head lights turn when your turning so you can see whats ahead. anyone seen it? i liked the song playing so yea thats it. thanks
I looked through the forums and didn't see it, so I thought it would be safe to ask. Does anyone know the name of the song in the Passat commercial showing the bicyclist going through the mountain road and his light shuts off, then the car stays behind him to light his path?
So I saw this commercial on TV and thought it was visually stunning, and the background music stayed in my head for awhile, it's so pretty, I'd really love to find the song somewhere.

The commercial is something like this - It's this guy, and he's riding this bike at night on the road, and this car starts coming up in front of him and follows him on the bike, and theres this pretty music playing in the background..

does anyone know about it? thanks for the help in advance. ^^
there was a volkswagen commercial about six months ago with a biker on a road at night there was also a volkswagen car and they were advertising braking, the song was very therapeutic, does any one know the name and artist????