1. jca

    VW Passat "Rocking Out" 2012 Motor Trend Car of the Year

  2. E

    2012 VW Volkswagen Passat

    After searching I believe the music is Cramps.. Psychotic Reaction
  3. D

    VW Volkswagen Passat

    Hi, I just saw another VW Passat commercial tonight that I think might be brand new. It had a really cool down tempo hip hop instrumental with a piano groove. I'd like to find out the name of the producer/artist if possible? I know a lot of the songs that VW uses are licensed from actual artists...
  4. S

    VW Volkswagen Passat

    does any1 know the song name in this vw passat commercial?
  5. O

    VW Volkswagen Passat CC

    What is the song played in the Volkswagen Passat CC commercial where a couple are driving in their CC and ctitic's quotes are floating in the air. At the end of the commercial the man says "I think we were in a car commercial." Here's the youtube video for reference...
  6. C

    VW Volkswagen Passat

    Does anyone recognize the song in this new European VW Passat commercial: Any help would be really appreciated, I have searched for the answer extensively with no luck so far. Thanks in advance!
  7. N

    VW Passat

    Greetings! Trying to find the music from this commercial has been needling me for over a year and probably two... There's a "family car"-type ad where a father's driving his daughter down a tree-lined suburban road, and the voice-over says something like "Don't you wish that if you drove...