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the new VW passat commercial featuring a kind old sort of western song, could make up the words too well cause the audio was a little faded, has anyone seen the commercial? and if so can anyone recognize the music. Sorry, i couldn't find a link to it, could be because its pretty new. :)
I saw it yesterday, and also liked the music. I think it may have had some yodeling amidst the lyrics too...?
Originally posted by ad-rock@Sep 19 2005, 02:15 PM
I saw it yesterday, and also liked the music. I think it may have had some yodeling amidst the lyrics too...?
:lol: yeah it was a Yodle song, so to speak.
I came to the forum just now to make a post requesting info on this song from the new New VW Passat commercial as well!

Through a little research, I'm under the impression that it's Gene Autry rather than Jimmie Rodgers, but which of Autry's songs still eludes me. It's such a great track; I've been obsessed since seeing the commercial for the first time earlier today.

Any help's much appreciated!
Does any one know who performs the song featured in the VW Passat "Air-cooled glove box" spot, where the guys drive out to the desert to get sushi?

It's a western type song, presumably from teh late 50's or early 60's.
I was able to catch the first line of this song tonight, but I couldn't find any matches on the lyrics. Maybe it'll help somebody else though...

"Come and gather 'round me and I'll tell you all a tale"
I was able to catch the rest of the lyrics:

"Come and gather 'round me and I'll tell you all a tale
About a guy called Yodeler Tex
Out on the Chisholm Trail
He could ride and rope and tie
And how that boy could sing
And he'd be right there today
Except for just one thing
He would start to yodel
So it's a song that starts off along the lines of "Come gather around and I'll tell you a tale", is about a man named Tex, who yodels, and on the Chisholm trail no less......

hilariously this doesn't narrow the field of western yodeling songs down at all!!!
I found this by Randy Travis:

Oh come along, boys, and listen to my tale,
I'll tell you all my troubles on the ol' Chisholm trail.
Come a-ti yi youpy youpy yea youpy yea
Come a-ti yi youpy youpy yea
On a ten dollar horse and a forty dollar saddle,
I was ridin', and a punchin' Texas cattle.
We left ol' Texas October twenty-third
Drivin' up the trail with the U-2 herd.
I'm up in the morning before daylight,
And before I sleep the moon shine bright.
It's bacon and beans most every day,
I'd just as soon be eating prairie hay.
I woke up one morning on the Chisholm trail,
With a rope in my hand and a cow by the tail,
Last night on guard, and the leader broke the ranks,
I hit my horse down the shoulders and spurred him in the flanks.
Oh, it's cloudy in the west, and a lookin' like rain,
And my darned old slicker's in the wagon again.
Oh the wind commenced to blow and the rain began to fall,
And it looked by grab that we was gonna lose 'em all.
I jumped in the saddle an' I grabbed a-hold the horn,
The best damned cowpuncher ever was born.
I was on my best horse, and a going on the run,
The quickest shootin' cowboy that ever pulled a gun.
No chaps, no slicker, and it's pouring down rain,
And I swear, by God, I'll never night herd again.
I herded and I hollered, and I done pretty well,
Till the boss said, Boys, just let 'em go to Hell.
I'm going to the ranch to draw my money,
Goin' into town to see my honey.
I went to the boss to get my roll,
He figured me out nine dollars in the hole.
So I'll sell my outfit as fast as I can,
And I won't punch cows for no damn man.
So I sold old baldy and I hung up my saddle,
And I bid farewell to the longhorn cattle.
Is it "Old Chisolm Trail" by Yodeling Slim Clark? ... from the album "Cowboy and Yodel Songs" from around 1962.
Ok fellas, I think Ive got this. Theres a guy called Carson Robison who was around during the 20's 30's and 40's he did a song called Yodelin Tex. Im trying to actually find the song to listen to it but its REALLY hard to find. Im almost positive that its not old Chisholm trail, Ive heard about 20 versions of that song and Im almost positive its not the right song. If anyone can find any version of Yodellin Tex let me know.
I'm able to confirm with absolute certainty that the song featured in the VW Passat commercial is Carson Robison & His Pioneers's version of Yodelin' Tex.

more info: Cattle LPs
Cattle 107
CARSON J. ROBISON - The Kansas Jayhawk
Carson Robison was a country music pioneer with career stretching from the 30s through the 50s. He specialized in Western flavored items often in the story-song vein. The recordings covered here are from the period 1930 through 1950 with an emphasis on material from the mid 40s where he is accompanied by his Pleasant Valley Boys. It includes one of his most famous recordings - the humorous recitation Life Gets tee-Jus Don't It. It also includes the follow up More & More Tee-Jus Ain't It and the similar Settin' By The Fire.

steven stiles
The song is titled "Aunt Martha's Sheep" - performed by Dick Nolan.

Lyrics are:

Come gather all around me and I'll sing to you a tale,
About the boys in Carmenville who almost went to jail.
It happened on a November's night when all hands were asleep,
We crept up over Joe Tulk's hill and stole Aunt Martha's sheep.

Now if you pay attention I know I'll make you laugh,
They never went to steal the sheep, they went to steal the calf.
The old cow she got angry 'cause they woke her from her sleep,
We couldn't take any chances so we had to steal the sheep.

We caught the wooly animal and dragged her from her pen,
She sais good-bye to the little lamb she'd never see again.
She knew that those dark strangers soon would take her life,
In less than half an hour she felt that dreadful knife.

Aunt Martha she got angry when she heard about the loss,
She said she'd catch the robbers no matter what the cost.
Next morning just at sunrise she to the office went,
And to the R.C.M.P. a telegram she sent.

The Mountie got the message and started in to read,
This is from Aunt Martha telling an awful deed.
Last night my sheep was stolen by whom I cannot tell,
I'd like for you to catch them and take them off to jail.

Just a short time later about twelve o'clock that night,
We had the sheep a-cooking and everyone feeling tight.
The smell of mutton and onions no man could ask for more,
We were chug-luggin' Dominion when a Mountie walked in the door.

Said sorry boys, your party I really don't mean to wreck.
I smelled the meat a-cookin' and I had to come in and check.
You see the sheep was stolen and the thief is on the loose.
I said come right in and join us, sir, we're having a piece of moose.

He said thanks a lot and he sat right down and I gave him a piece of the sheep.
This is the finest piece of moose I knows I ever eat.
About two o'clock in the morning he bid us all good-day,
If we get any clues on the sheep, sir, we'll phone you right away.

He said thanks a lot, you're a darn fine bunch, and your promise I know you'll keep.
And if everyone was as as good as you she wouldn't have lost her sheep.
After he left we had the piece we had in the oven to roast,
We might have stole the sheep, boys, but the Mountie ate the most.
Check the earlier posts. The lyrics aren't even the same between the commercial and Dick Nolan. Numatrix had it right...
The music is "Yodellin Tex" by Psapp.

i got this from the vw folks, straight.
Anyone know where I can download Carson Robison & His Pioneers's version of Yodelin' Tex? Has anyone been able to find a full length file?
For the record, I really don't think it's Psapp. The band Psapp apparently has a song in a Passat commercial called "Calm Down". You call listen to some Psapp songs here.


They sound nothing like the song we are looking for.
I have just joined the group and am a little surprised at the lack of understanding about how music for commercials is created and or used (I spent 30 years in the national brand marketing and ad agency racket).

The music for 99.9% of all tv commercials is selected by the ad agency...and that music selection (whether to create music for the spot or to use existing music) is going to come from the creative team who actually concepted the spot or sometimes the producer of the spot.

Most of the time it is the former. In this case the ad agency for VW is (was, they lost the account in mid September to an agency in Miami) Arnold & Co in Boston.

At any rate the "creatives" pick the music (usually a bunch of different cuts) present their recommendations along with the concept for the spot to the client and the client approves it or not. There is usually a bunch of research and other testing but at the end of the day it happens pretty much how I described. Then they go shoot the spot, buy the rights to the music, edit it mix it and run it. (Overly simplified but that's really about it)

Again, using this case is an example, ouside of the Sr VP of Marketing for VW and a few of his or her minions who have the day to day relationship with the agency, I can pretty much guarantee that no one outside of the people I have described above will have a clue what the music is in any given spot and further, would not have any idea of even who to ask...because outside of the marketing department, the vast majority of people who work in customer service or any other department besides marketing even know what an ad agency does let alone who they are (there are always exceptions but this is true about 99% of the time).

So if you really want to get to the bottom of what the music is in any given spot... first call the marketing department at the brand and ask them or find out who the ad agency is.

Then call the agency and ask for the producer on the Blah Blah account and ask that person. They will know. If they say they don't they are BSing you. May take a while or they may blow you off because they all think they are hollywood hot shots not lowly ad agency producers but you never know.

One final point. If the agency commissioned the music for the spot (written, scored, etc by any number of music production houses or individuals specifically for use in the spot) you will most likely never get your hands on it. Many times it doesn't even have a name. There are tons of rights and usage issues associated with that and it is a real kettle of worms.

Hope this helps for those not familiar with the process.

Folks, I found a complete version of "Yodellin' Tex" by Carson Robison & His Pioneers. It clearly confirms that this is the song in the Passat commercial. It also confirms that Carson Robison is not the artist that VW used.
It's Yodelin' Tex by Carson Robison, music arranged by "Music for Picture"...it says so right on VWs website under "tv commercials". Unless they are lying to us on their own website, Id say that solves this mystery.