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I just saw this commercial for the first time, during the search for the partridge family. the song goes something like "it looks good, I can see it, it sounds good, I can hear it, it tastes good, I can taste it", and it's a man singing. does anyone know what this song is? it must be a new commercial cuz I watch vh1 constantly and I've never seen it. thanks so much!
oops sorry, I figured it out. I had the lyrics wrong, it's looks so REAL, not good. it's "Why Can't I Touch It" by the Buzzcocks, if anyone else is looking for it.
I'd like to know the song used in a new vh1 ad. The only lyrics I caught were: "and it sounds so real, I can hear it".
The ad kinda sorta has the same look as the new video by The Donnas for the song "Fall Behind Me".
found it! it's "why can't i touch it?" by the buzzcocks. theirs has to be the coolest band name ever!!!
Actually their just one of the coolecst bands ever period. Pick up Singles Going Steady. You will be very glad you did and you'll probably want to buy every other album they have.
I know!! I already love some of their songs ("orgasm addict," "what do i get," and "i don't mind"). They are great!!! Wasn't "what do i get" used in a car ad a long time ago?
Looking for a new Vh1 Commercial's song. The look of the video is very similar to the one they used to have that featured The Flaming Lips' "Do You Realize?" but the songs are very different. Some of the lyrics I found were "Feels so real gotta feel it" and "tastes so great gotta taste it" or something to that effect. Can anyone help me with this? It has a rock, semi indie kind of sound to it. Thank you.
"Why Can't I Touch It" by the Buzzcocks. Link goes to available audio sample, track 15.

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omg, i feel so stupid! This was asked and answered way back in september!!! I did use search (_vh1); believe me, I learned my lesson after the axe 'situation'!!!! anyway, sorry....
I can't always find what I'm looking for via search either. Sometimes I don't know the product or in one case I was thinking of the wrong brand! I had confused a Hyundai commercial for a Nissan commercial so my search didn't help. I still found what I was looking for though. Yay! I LOVE Buzzcocks btw, I haven't seen the ad though. I'm glad too because there is just something wrong about mixing Buzzcocks with VH-1.
I just saw this new commercial for VH1 this morning. It shows all the diifferent artists that have videos on the channel right now...Jill Scott, Britney, Jessica Simpson, etc. And the lyrics go "And its just so real I can hear it, and its just so real I can see it, and its just so real I can taste it, so why can't I touch it?". can't remember if its a female or male vocalist. Any help is appreciated!! :p
yes and I couldn't find it. There are posts about a commercial w/ the group the Sounds. Is that the same commercial??? :blink:
did you click the link I gave above in the word "search"? It gives you the thread with the correc t answer.
Does anyone know the name of the band that is on the new VH1 commerical. The commercial is sort of pscyadelic with various artists from Britney spears, to Justin TImberlake. It goes something like, "It feels so real I can touch it, it feels so real I can taste it, so why can't I touch it."

Answered here.

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VH1's new ad shows images from new video with a song that I can't place. Something about looking new, sounding new, tasting new. Any thoughts?