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This is a new very short VH1 promo. The song has a male voice shouting "no!" once, and then female voices shouting "yes! yes! yes!" and then I think another "no!" Between this there's a clip from a show and somebody says something about love. The song is used in a ton of stuff, in fact today I just heard it on a commercial for Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.
Yes, I too would like to know the name of this song. Yes, as stated before its a Vh1 commerical and a male voice after a guitar riff yells "NO!" then da da da..."NO!" Any info would be great!
well, i know they have one ad about "more" (???!!!) and in it they use clinic's "walking with thee" (the song has a male singing 'no'!), but I don't know if that is the one you guys are looking for....
Yes, that's it, thank you! Clinic, I should have known...
Does anyone know the name and artist of the song that is in the VH1 commerical which has a green background. It is a 20 second commercial. There is a simple beat and the only words in the song are "NO NO". It sounds like an old new wave/alternative rock 80s/90s song? Anyone know?? It would really help out. Thanks
clinic 'walking with thee'
cool song! (i think this was asked before...)
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"Walking With Thee" by Clinic is available here, audio sample track 4. Also available for download from .
Thank you soooooo very much!!! I have been going crazy cause I knew I heard it before but I could not remember it at all. THIS FORUM ROCKS!!!