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Veronica Mars, pilot episode

Hi , Does anyone know the song title played during the season prmier of Veronica Mars, the lyrics went something like "Your my baby" or "Your my little girl"?
hii.. i was wondering if anyone knew of some music played on an episode of veronica mars. it aired on mtv earlier tonight. it was played during one of her flashbacks. she was wearing a white dress and she was crying.. anyway, if anyone knows what im talking about.. could you help me out? the music sounds really familiar but i cant think of what it is.

any help would be appreciated. =)
The theme song is The Dandy Warhols - We Used To Be Friends.
it was a female voice.. kinda airy/wispy like.. the only part of it i caught was the voice humming sort of..

sorry, im probably not making much sense. :(
Song in Pilot of Veronica Mars

Does anyone know the song playing in the background when Veronica breaks into the safe in her dad's office in the pilot? The lyrics are something like...

Speaking of the truth...

Utter lies are like.....

Butterflies both die in a couple of days...


The lyrics match a song called 'Butterflies' by an artist called DAVID GARZA.
What was the song that was playing in the background while Veronica entered the party right before she was "slipped a mickey"? (the song before the Death In Vegas song) The lyrics went something like "I want to give you more... I want to give you mooooore." thanks.
Veronica mars

ok the song im looking for is when veronica and here dad our out on the deck cooking the steaks and the dad is listening to music


it didnt have any work but it went

"Woah woah woah.............." something something something

this would be greatly appericiated thank you it will be driving me crazy until any one solves my mystery :lol:
I was wondering if anyone was able to identify these 4 songs played in the pilot episode: The first one was played while Veronica is cutting Wallace down off of the flagpole. The second one was the one played while the convenience store was being robbed. The third one was the song being played during the car wash flashback scene. The final one was the one playing near the end of the episode while Veronica is talking to Wallace on the beach and he is flying the toy airplane. I believe that once these four songs are identified, that will complete the list for the entire pilot episode. Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
Someone on another board identified the car wash song as "White Lines" by Grandmaster Flash.

The song playing while Wallace is being robbed at the convenience storeis some sort of rap song and some of the lyrics mention something about "diamonds," "pearls" and "girls."

The other 2 sound like rock/alternative songs by male groups.
Originally posted by spot618@Oct 7 2004, 11:10 AM
The song playing while Wallace is being robbed at the convenience storeis some sort of rap song and some of the lyrics mention something about "diamonds," "pearls" and "girls."
Could that song be "Diamonds and Guns" by the Transplants? Link goes to available audio sample, track 4.
Hello Everyone!

I just had a chance to sit down and watch last night's episode "Meet John Smith." I thought it was another great episode filled with more great music. There appears to be no less than 7 songs in this episode:

1) (Unidentified): The song Duncan was listening to while floating on the raft in his pool.
2) (Unidentified): An instrumental playing on the jukebox in the restaurant when Troy says to Veronica he would have been expecting sex had that song worked.
3) (Unidentified): Playing at the end of Veronica & Troy's date after he tries to kiss her.
4) (Unidentified): Playing when Veronica is laying on her bed doing her homework and her dad walks in her room.
5) "Edge of the Ocean" by Ivy: Played while Veronica drives Duncan to the Hospital.
6) "Rock and A Hard Place" by Supreme Beings of Leisure (only an instrumental portion of the song) played over several scenes beginning when Veronica decides to drive to Arizona, and ending when she pulls up in front of the house she thought her mother was living in.
7) (Unidentified): Played when Veronica drives back home from Arizona and also when she calls Troy from outside of his home.

By the way, there may be another song in the Pilot episode I missed. It was playing while Veronica was sitting at the lunch table talking about how Duncan used to be her boyfriend.
It's hard to hear, but the lyrics of the last song #7 go something like this:

I lost myself inside someone else,
I couldn’t see the lines between you and me,
On a darkened road, the fear I’ve shown,
With eyes of stone she walks alone

What are you afraid of
Walk to me, alone....
Song #3, the one playing after Veronica's date with Troy, when she drives home and her dad asks her how her date was and she says the conversation was lousy but the sex was great has lyrics that sound something like (and I may be wrong):

"Gettin’ down, and I run
Takin’ long to solve, luckily....
...Keep runnin’, your time’s comin’"

Song #4 that plays while Veronica is on her bed and her dad comes in has the lines:

"I shouldn’t have to justify....
...All I need is..."

I hope this helps a little bit to identify the songs.