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Does anyone know what songs were played in the pilot episode of the ABC Family original sereis Wildfire? The pilot first aired on Monday, June 20 but it has aired again a few times since then.
Yeah, I should have said that I already knew of that one but I was in a hurry. I also know a few others:

James Blunt - "Out OF My Mind"
Louis XIV - "Finding Out True Love Is Blind"
Dillon Fence - "Bite Of An Apple"

Anyone else have any more information?
Does anyone know the song that is playing on Wildfire while Tina and Matt are breaking up? I think these are s om eof the lyrics
I don't want to cry

It's just easy to find
If you would just try
to read my mind
your in my body.....

Well i hope that helps please help me!!
I'm looking for a song that was featured in the 309 "Heartless" episode of ABC Family's show called Wildfire. It played during the scene where Dani Davis watches RJ Blake ride a bull. I couldn't find a clip to link to anywhere but it was a female singer, kinda upbeat girl rock with lyrics that went something like:

" i swore, i swore
that i would never see
you standing, standing right in front of me
you're dark handsome and initially ?? to me
3000 words couldn't help me
i'm not as dumb as every man who wants me
you say that language is a barrier... "
Trashcan Sinatras - "All the Dark Horses"
Truman - "Morning Light"
Dillon Fence - "Bite of an Apple"
David Falzone - "Right Here"
Louis XIV - "Finding Out True Love is Blind"
Bettie Serveert - "Attagirl"
James Blunt - "High"
Patric Caird - "Strutting with Kiara"
Bobby Radcliff - "Bonehead"
Squirrel Nut Zippers - "Twilight"
Does anyone know where I can get a list of songs used in all the season 3 episodes? I know on the official ABC Family website they have it for season 1 and 2, but 3 is not yet on that site. Here are the episode names, just incase they help. Any help would be appreciated... Thanks!

Fairy Tale Endings

The Feud

Moving On

Close To Home

Love Vs. Work


Push Me/Pull Me

The Good-bye



You Can't Count On Me

Picking Side (A.K.A. Someone Like Me)

So Long, Pardner
Yes...please if there is a site with these songs it would be great. I really love this show and the music on it.
There was a specific song that played when Junior and his fiance brought the check to that guy for his invention, and I was wondering if anyone knew the song that was playing or a good place to find the songs that are played during episodes....Thanx!!!!
I am pretty sure the song you are talking about is my Tomi Swick. I don't know the name.

The song that played when Chris and Junior were talking in the club... that is Graham Colton - Telescope.

As for somewhere to find what music is used, you might want to try abcfamily.com.

Good Luck!
last song on wild fire sounded realy cool.. but if anyone can preferably get me a list of all the songs.. it would be totally awesome!
sorry wrote it wrong...the band is actually called The Beautiful Girls. The song is named La Mar...Sorry...
not sure where you can find a list of all the music but the song in the episode you're talking about is:

"speak to me gently" by future of forestry

hope this helps.
The song is called "Blossoming" by Lindsay Price. She's an artist with a lot of hard-to-find on this show; I still haven't found this song.