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I keep seeing this commercial over and over. It has to do with the UPN show, "Veronica Mars." It shows a montage of clips featuring Veronica with her mom, Veronica with wet hair saying, "I promise I will get whoever did this...", and ending it off with Veronica and Logan saying, "'This is so wrong...' 'So wrong that it's right?'"

Long story short, there was the background music playing with acoustic guitar, and a female voice singing, "Where do we go from here?" Does anybody know who sings that? I would gladly appreciate it if someone could respond. I am absolutely stumped.
could be Falling by donna lewis
I'm not sure, since I haven't actually seen the trailer, but I recognize the line
Nope, it's not anything by Donna Lewis. Her voice is too high. But thanks for trying (and replying)! It's really a tricky one, this one commercial.

For specifics on the commercial, look at the very first entry. Also, the song sounds like it belongs in the alt./rock genre (I mean, even though you can hear only the guitar in the background of the comm.). It really does reflect the styles of the songs that were on the Veronica Mars episodes, if anyone watches them.

Until then, continuously searching (although it deems futile with Google). Sigh.
I have heard the song & I'm not sure but it sounds like a song on BTVS "Once more with feeling" ep The link to listen to it is here. The name of the song is "where do we go from here" but it only has the chorus of the song. The part on the preview is from the begining. I hope this helps......
Nope, doesn't sound like it's from BtVS either. It's not a musical number...

I'm gonna try to email UPN again...I tried before with no success.

But thank you all for trying! It's one of those commercials that's hard to figure out, I guess.
Its sounds very Michelle Branch...but I can't seem to find anything with that info either. If anyone needs to see the promo, it is on the Season 1 DVD sets on the 6th disc right at the beginning before the menus. That is, if you have the sets (which you should!). ;)

Don't bother emailing UPN for an answer; normally, networks won't answer emails about music used on a show. What you need to do is find someone connected to the show and email them -- like Rob Thomas!! You can contact him here, and usually he will try to help out! Rob Thomas Creator of Veronica Mars

Emailed him about a week ago. Hoping for a response, but I assume it'll take a long while. Such a busy man.
There is a season 2 promo that features a song we haven't been able to identify yet. It has a female vocalist (sort of a girlish, Kay Hanley/Michelle Branch-type voice) repeating the line, "Where do we go from here?" There have been a few suggestions that it might be Marié Digby, who had a song called "Where Do I Go?" in the Lifetime movie The Dive From Clausen's Pier. We are looking into that, but in the meantime, we have confirmed that it is definitely NOT from any of the following (note the new addition of Adrienne Pierce, whose "Lost & Found" will be on the Veronica Mars soundtrack):

* Abstrak
* Alexis Antes
* Aris
* Cat Austin
* Badfinger
* Russ Ballard
* The Band
* Barefoot Manner
* Become One
* Big Noyd
* Justin Black
* Leslie Bowe
* Joe Brack
* The Bradbury Press
* Bob Brookmeyer
* BuffyThe Vampire Slayer
* C-Murder
* Chamberlains
* Chesterfield Kings
* Chicago
* Armstead Christian
* Meg Christian
* Cintron
* Stanley Clarke
* Sarah Connor
* Cool Sounds
* Deborah Cox
* Bob Crosby and his Orchestra
* Da Skywalkers
* Damone
* The Dells
* Destiny's End
* Earth, Wind and Fire
* Enchantment
* Filter
* Jeff Finlin
* The Founders
* Free Movement
* Frenzy
* Bill Frisell
* Judy Garland
* Stephen Gately
* Johnny Gill
* Steve Goldberger & the Fringe Locals
* Grant Lee Buffalo
* Jacqui Graziano
* Gary Hurt
* Incognito
* Immature
* Jamiroquai
* Rev. Albert Jamison and Triboro
* Waylon Jennings
* Jim & Jesse
* Laurie Johnson's London Big Band
* Robert Johnson
* doc luv jones
* Kings Of Nuthin'
* Talib Kweli
* Stacy Lattisaw
* Leaders Of The New School
* Gerald Levert
* The Listening Pool
* Love Childs Afro Cuban Blues Band
* Christine Lucas
* Jon Lucien
* Shelby Lynne
* Joel Martin
* Tony Mascolo
* Master P
* Lars Eric Mattsson
* Tia McGraff
* Brian McKnight
* Mercury Bullet
* Meshun
* Jaime Michaels
* Renee Mixon
* Rulf Munkes
* 918
* Noble
* Robin Nolan Trio
* Jeff O'Kelley
* Yoko Ono
* Adrienne Pierce
* Pillar
* Pueblo Indians
* Quartus
* quench
* Marvin Rainwater
* Ray J
* Chris Rea
* Cliff Richard
* Rob & Fab
* Emily Rogers
* Phil Roy
* Daryle Ryce
* Steve & Kathy Sargenti
* Scooter
* Second Nature
* The Shazam
* Sherbet
* Al Simants
* Simple Pleasure
* Jimmie Skinner
* Sly & Robbie
* Sneeky Pete
* Tracy Spuehler
* Jevetta Steele
* Strangeways
* Suicide Commando
* Paul Sylvan
* John Tamayori
* teays vein
* The Trammps
* Tweet
* David Ullmann
* Undertow
* Up Beat Boys
* The Urge
* Phil Vincent
* Waking In The Blue
* Jimmy Walker
* Wamdue Project
* Tim Watson
* Kenny Wheeler
* The Williams Brothers
* Tex Williams
* Vanessa Williams
* Wingdom
* L.G. Wise
* Bobby Womack
* Michelle Wright
* Rev. Timothy Wright

Beyond that, we're stumped. We will update you when we get some concrete information. In the meantime, look above: soundtrack!
Whew. Thanks for the efforts, skybum11! All of you have been doing an amazing job! Thanks for the trouble...I know a lot of people have been looking for this one too. So I am truly happy that I'm not the only one, hehe! :lol:
Think maybe I found your song...

"Where Do We Go From Here?" - Tweet

Its on itunes, check it out.

Hope this helps!
No, sorry thats not the correct song either. :(
Thanks though, its a pretty good song.
There is a song that plays in the background everytime the CW Network Ad for this season of Veronica Mars comes on. Sounds like a female pop/punk/rock band. I can't make out the lyrics. Similar sound to The Donnas but a little less mature. Can anyone tell me the band and the name of the song
But who does the other song for the CW Season 3 Promo the lyrics "these girls..." are used often...
does anybody know the song that was playing at the end of veronica mars last night? [10.17.06] its' been playing a lot lately, but i can't find out who it is!!!
that would beeeee...

regina spektor - fidelity

it's a lovely song... you should watch the movie High Fidelity cause that's where she got the inspiration for the song.
anyone know the song that plays during the trailer for the next veronica mars ep 3x09, 'spit and eggs' thanks :)

:hopes this is the right place to post this: