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Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone knew the song that was playing near the start of ep 2 of the new season 2 of Dexter. It's at the start of the show near 4:10ish and sounds like some sort of space rock jam, which reminds me a little of The Mars Volta.

Thanks in advance.
No one knows this song? Inquiring mind desperately needs to know..
Does anyone know the name of the song at the 5th episode of Dexter? If you bought it on itunes the episode is called "Love American Style". It starts at like
-1:59 towards the end. Its when him and his girlfriend are sitting down to dinner. It sounds like some country western kind of theme song. Yeah..thanks
The episode itself is titled "See-Through" and while he is driving in the car with his sponsor a song plays that goes "It's a long way home and all I see is darkness. It's a long way home"

Can you help me please? It's a guy singing and the song is sorta eerie
Are you positive about the lyrics? Tom Waits "Long Way Home" is kinda like that but the lyrics aren't quite the same.
I'm pretty sure...I've seen people asking on various sites about this song as well and they have the same lyrics written out that I heard myself
I've looked there and it appears to be from the first season only
Does anyone know what the name of the song is that is playing when Dexter enters the bar and sees the man who killed his mother? I think it is an old time rock song.

TIA for any help!

I knew I'd heard this song tons of places and it sounded like The Rolling Stones but the only words I could make out were the "ooh ooh ooh" intro which only yielded "Miss you" on Google.

So thanks!