1. J

    Soul Food

    Hey looking for a song that was played in soulfood (the series). The episode was called "Life 101" Season 4. This was the episode when Bird got an abortion...the song started playing when Bird and Lem ran into each other @ the bathroom and then they hugged, the song played through the...
  2. S

    Shut Up and Dribble

    I am trying to identify this song playing in the background. It's hard to decipher with the audio. Any help is appreciated!! You can really start to hear it at :36 View:
  3. M

    Showtime on Dish

    Hello. I'm looking for a song I heard on a commercial for Showtime on Dish network recently. The song playing in the commercial is only music and no lyrics but I know the song has lyrics. I'm so stumped. The commercial plays on both the diy channel and sci channel but it is played very rarely...
  4. S

    The Borgias

    Does anyone know the music used in that trailer please?
  5. E

    7 Deadly Sins

    Anyone have any idea of who/where the music in this trailer comes from? The music starts when the wine glass shatters.
  6. Q

    Showtime "Movies on Showtime" Fall 2013

    Looking for the song used in the "Movies on Showtime" ad that Showtime has been running this Fall. Here are links to video I captured of ad. The first shows the ad's video. The second appear black, but audio level is better after putting my phone next to the TV speaker...
  7. S

    Masters of Sex

    After the Good Wife on September 29, there was an ad for the new show Masters of Sex. Anyone know the song in it? I believe the same song starts at 2:03 in this extended promo on youtube.
  8. F

    Showtime Fall 2013

  9. A

    Untold History of the United States

    This is not about politics, only looking for the music. I can't find it officially listed anywhere, I know one of the compositions is a famous classical work by either Mozart or Beethoven, but there are recurring sounds that I can't place, it does not matter which episode, the same music is...
  10. C


    Cover of "I'll Be Watching You" by a choir.
  11. S

    Showtime "The End is Near" Dexter Homeland finales

    The video is called "The End is Near" and is a preview for the finales of Dexter and Homeland. Anybody have any clues what the music is? Thanks.
  12. S

    Showtime bumper music

    On Showtime, right before a new show is coming on, they play this quick 10 second video where all of the characters of the show are just kind of floating around on screen making funny faces. It's kind of psychadellic looking... It's really well done and I like the music a lot even though it's...
  13. K

    United States of Tara Season 3

    In Season 3, episode 2, what song is playing at the end? It goes: Where are you? I am already gone.
  14. H


    Episode 3: the song at the very end, thanks!
  15. P


    Does anyone know what the first song used in this promo for SHOWTIME's new series "Episodes" is? It begins at the very start of the ad. Thanks!
  16. A

    Showtime New Moon

    Showtime is airing a commercial for New Moon, and the music in the background is all piano. I don't remember it from the NM score or the Twilight score. Did anyone else see/hear it? I'd really love to know what the music was. Thanks!
  17. J

    Showtime Promo

    Hey does anyone know the song in the showtime promo commercial for the 2010-2011 line up? It says something along the lines of "it's time to's a new day" or something like that. Thanks in advanced!
  18. NeRoSBLaZe

    Weeds Season 6

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me find the song at the end of episode 5 of Weeds season 6 (the current season) Any help would be great! Thanks! - Calhoun
  19. C

    The Borgias

    any one knows the classical piece running on this trailer? or is it an original piece?
  20. L

    United States of Tara Season 2

    does anyone know about this version All Out of Love? :)