Channel 4 Winter Sports


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Okay I'm pretty sure most of you don't watch this, but if you wnt on England's Channel 4 a week or two ago, you would have noticed an advert about the new Winter Sports season. It's techincally an ad showing some snowboarders and skiiers, but there is some great background music in it but I forgot the name! I need to use it for my video, so thanks if you can tell me the music - it will be most appreciated.

The reminders are:
  • The advert was on Channel 4, advertising Channel 4's Winter Sports coverage
  • It showed clips of snowboarders.
  • The music starts with I think Guitar, then some vocals.
  • I can't remember the vocals, but the guitar goes a little like (sorry about this): "derin derin derin derin dun din [lower pitch] derin derin derin derin dun din [lower pitch] derin derin [higher pitch] derin derin dun din
  • The guitar part is a little like Gavin DeGraw's "I don't want to be" song, but there are pitch changes
  • You probably have heard of the song but not seen the advert
Okay, look you probably don't know the advert - but you know the song. Help!