Varsity Blues


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If anyone can remember the end of Varsity Blues (after they win the game, "Bill-bob cried... cause, well, he's a crier.") there is a piece of score playing over James Vander Beak's final monolouge. I've heard it in other films but their titles escape me as well.

Any help for me?
Does anyone know the name of the piece of music at the end of the final game when everyone is celebrating? i checked the soundtrack but i didn't find it.


Can you describe the song at all or know any of the lyrics? I've practically got that movie memorized so hopefully I can help. :)
well, it doesn't have any lyrics. its just music playing at the end when they are celebrating winning the final game, while James Van Der Beek is narrating...
Okay, I remember but not sure of the song. Sorry. But I will try to find out. Maybe someone else here might know it off the top of their head. Keep checking back. :)
Looks like you're not the only one that wants to know this song. It was previously posted Here but still has not been answered. I'll keep looking.
cool. yeah i saw that other thread but there was no answer and it was awhile ago so i just posted it again. thanks for your help