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i'm baaack! well sorta. i got in for free tonight to see 'scooby doo 2' but i only stayed to see the trailers... silly, yes. but it was for free. :) oh yah remember if i linked to the official site and not the trailer it's cause i couldn't find it over on apple's trailer site -

My brother and his 'friend' had '13 and going 30' intheir trailer... i have no idea how much their's deviated from mine.

Mine went as follows....

'new york minute' - i need to see this one again cause the only song i got out of it was lil john & the eastside boyz 'salt shaker'

'around the world in 80 days' - i think most of it was composed for the trailer... but there was a part in there that was from 'the mummy (jerry goldmsith)/the mummy returns (alan silverstri)' ihave play my sdtks and listen... but that music was definitely from 'the mummy' series as well as sugar ray's 'fly'

'harry potter & the prisoner of azkaban' (newest trailer) - original music like always

'shrek 2' - had music from some 70s/80s song. not sure of the name of it but the chorus has 'i want you to take me to funky town' i know one of you guys will know it. and then there was smash mouth's 'all star' fromtheir 'astro lounge' cd

'the spongebob squarepants movie' - i have no idea

'garfield' tone loc's 'wild thing' from his 'loced after dark' cd

once again... correct me if i'm wrong.

Shrek 2 has got to be "Funky Town" by Lipps Incorporated.