"Imagine a World Without Tobacco"


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I know I have heard this piece of music before, acoustic guitar.

Any ideas??


Are those the ones that always say "Truth....." at the end? If so they have several really cool ads. Could you describe the one you're talking about?
Do you mean a TV commercial by I've never seen a TV commercial by
Sorry folks,

I just caught the commercial and it is for, so I suspect the commercial is only airing in California.

Thanks anyway

Sounds alot like Dream Academy "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want"
Possibly a remix? :unsure:
The commercial is a "smoke free world" commercial where people are outside of restaurants with all kinds of bubbles floating around instead of smoke and then it show a dad driving down a road with his baby in the back seat and more bubbles. It's instrumental there are no words, but I love it. Please help.....
Ive been seeing a smoke free Ca. ad using "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" by Dream Academy. Is that the one?

That song is starting to catch up with "O Fortuna." :p
no I don't think so, I live in California and the commercial plays during prime time on abc, nbc or even fox. It's doesn't have any words (that they play anyways during the commercial). I was wondering why there weren't any questions or replys posted about this commercial since it really is a relaxing great sound.
Well you've just described the song I've mentioned perfectly. I've only caught the end of the ad but it does have a baby in the car. Check it out and see. Don't let the song title or artist name fool ya. I'm familiar with it because of the movie "Ferris Buellers Day Off." It's the tune heard while they're in the museum. ;)
:eek: I forgot that thread existed Michelle. :lol: I hadn't seen the ad yet when that was put up but I keep catching the end of it all the time now because I hear a piece of music that I like and look up just in time to see the baby. If it isn't a remix then it's so close it's a ripoff. ;)
Im pretty sure it's not the "Dream Academy" I grew up in the 80's and know that song pretty well and it didn't sound anything like the song in the commercial unless it's a serious remix. My husband is really good about naming the songs in remixes like that and he thinks that it it an entirely different song. It's has alot more acoustic sound than the "Please Please Please" song. Does anyone have any more clues?
Ok the California Department of Health Services is who foots the bill through for the "smoke free world" campaign. However, the most recent info that I'm able to come up with on any ad agency used is from the late 90's. The name that pops up is Asher & Partners, Los Angeles. Can't find a site for them though. :banghead:
This anti-smoking commercial is titled "Bubbles" and airs in California, and can be viewed at this web address: It shows various people in a city setting blowing bubbles, ending with the image of a man driving, blowing bubbles that waft back toward his wide-eyed child in a safety-seat in the back seat. The music is a simple but charming piece of folky soft rock played on a guitar. Anyone know the artist, song title, vintage? Thanks!
Here's the "official" reply I received from the webmaster at

Thank you for your inquiry. The original music in the ad "Bubbles" was
created and produced by Elias Arts, on behalf of our advertising agency,
Ground Zero. The music is owned and copyrighted by the California Department
of Health Services who, at the present time, does not plan to distribute,
sell, or otherwise use the melody for purposes other than the Tobacco
Control Program.

Thank you again. Your comments are much appreciated.

TCS webmaster

[the ad titled "Bubbles" can be viewed at this page:]
Sorry you couldn't find your song. But I just had to say... I kept hearing "oh it sounds like that Dream Academy song." They did a cover but it's a Smiths song originally. Smiths! Smiths, I say!

Long live Morrissey! :D
Can anyone please tell me what song is played in the anti smoking "bubbles" commercial ("Undo Tobacco Evertwhere"). The commerical shows people blowing bubbles instead of smoking and has a nice soft guitar melody playing in the background. If and one knows please tell me, thank you
this commercial is kind of old, they might still play it. I don't really remeber what it is for but i think it might be an ad against smoking.

this song is an instrumental song (or at leas the part in the commercial is) and the main part of the commercial that i remember is where there is a little kid sitting in the back seat of a car and he/she is blowing bubbles out of the car window as they are driving.

if anyone could help me with what song this is or even what commerical it is i would really appreciate it! thanks
Hey AdTunes Forums,
I love that music in the background, if anyone knows what the song is or just that trumpet sample i would be extremely happy. Thanks!

Heres The Ad (Quicktime):
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Re: "Imagine a World Without Tobacco" California Ad

Okay I'm pretty sure it's by a band called honeyhoney