1. C

    The Salvation Army "Christmas"

    Hello, I just love the background music to the latest Salvation Army TV commercial advertising for children's needs. The music features the sound of very gentle chiming bells in a "yearning-type" mood. It is just lovely. Can anyone give me an idea of where to find this, thank you.
  2. G

    Unicef "No Child"

    who sings sweet chariot in this ad? Thanks in advance.
  3. D

    Heart and Stroke Foundation "I'm Coming Home"

    Who sings this version of "I'm Coming Home" for this Heart and Stroke Foundation commercial.
  4. M

    It Can Wait No Texting While Driving

    There is an ad campaign titled "It Can Wait" about texting and driving. One of the ads has a piano cover of a Pixies song. Does anyone know the artist playing the cover?
  5. SusieQ2

    March of Dimes "March for Babies"

    I love the music for this most recent March of Dimes ad and hope someone can tell me something about it.. Thanks much..
  6. T

    The Salvation Army "Not Wasted"

    Hi. I was curious if anyone knows who did the music for the Salvation Army TV commercial, "Not Wasted"? They're website has the video, but no reference to what agency put it together.
  7. L "Top Shelf"

    Anyone know the artist performing the Sonny & Cher song It's the Little Things? thanks, logan
  8. N

    Name Of Song From Anti-Drug Commercial and NPR?

    There was an anti-drinking or anti-pot ad when I was a kid, it was animated in a simple style and I remember an anthropomorphic rabbit riding off into the horizon on a motorcycle. There was an instrumental song played over top and I recently heard it again as interstitial music on National...
  9. J

    SAMHSA "Stories That Heal" PSA

    I'm trying to find out if the score playing in the background of this commercial is an excerpt from a larger piece or something created for the spot. The commercial is listed on Youtube as..... Susan | Stories that Heal PSA I've tried sampling it through Sound Hound and through Google, but...
  10. K

    United Way

    I am dying to know the name of this song from United Way Toronto's 2011 Public Service Announcement:
  11. M

    Big Brothers Big Sisters "Start Something"

    Any ideas what song/artist?
  12. T

    2011 Big 12 Conference Football PSA

    Does anyone know the song from the 2011 commercial? It sounds like an older western movie song thats been mixed. Look up Big 12 PSA on YouTube.
  13. S

    Save The Children or Unicef

    Ok, I actually can't remember the number of year, but it's a few years back. It's either an STC or Unicef ad, can't remember specifically. The music consists simply by an acoustic guitar playing through the whole 30'ish long commercial. Very simple tune, though very emotional. Have been looking...
  14. Belladonna1975

    Tobacco Stops With Me anti-smoking

    There has been an ad on for the past several weeks where it shows photos of a happy African American couple starting from their first date, to holidays, the birth of their child, vacations..... In each picture the husband has a cigarette in his hand and his arm around his wife and she has a hole...
  15. A

    Humane Society

    It's not Natalie Merchant's 'My Skin' or Sarah's 'Angel'. It's a instrumental song; and I was wondering if anyone knew the name of it? I looked for a video of it and I cannot find it anywhere.
  16. T

    Anti-smoking ad?

    I first saw this ad on the Fox channel. It was a fairly short ad. I think it was an anti-smoking ad, it had a female voice narrating and she was saying something like, "are you a target?" For the most part the commercial was in black or white and the people featured in the ad had their eyes...
  17. B

    Save the Children Good Goes Campaign

    Commercial on television for Good Doctor in India walking to check on baby's
  18. K

    Malaria No More mosquito nets

    Yesterday I saw one of those humanatarian commercials asking for donations for malaria netting. In the background was some sort of african music, of course, I don't know any lyrics but does anyone know what this is?
  19. J "We Can Help Us"

    Hello, I am looking for the Artist/Song name in this PSA for the "We can help us" ad from inspire USA. I hope the music wasn't created specifically for the ad. I've e-mailed Inspire USA, but have not yet gotten a response. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. E

    Own Your C tree sprout

    Does anyone remember the animated commercial (I think it was an anti-smoking/tobacco campaign) where the girl plants a seed, falls asleep as the tree sprouts and grows, then wakes up to walk out onto the tree limb and fall but the tree catches her? If so do you happen to remember the song that...