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Hi! I've been totally digging The Underground on Showtime On Demand, and I've heard two songs that I'd really love to learn more about. Both are from the dancing segments (which I adore), and both feature female dancers- the first having two, the second having one. The first is from episode 2, used during the fire dancing, and has lyrics that go something like "I'm catchin' fire, I got the hots for you," and also mention "are you the extinguisher." The second is from episode 7, and predominantly features the lyrics "shake, rattle, roll, bounce." It's not the Big Bopper or the Stones, and like the song above, is more hip-hop/R&B and kind of hard sounding. Both are sung by a female voice, & any info on these two songs would be extremely helpful, as the little snippets I know of them are constantly getting stuck in my head!!

Thanks so much!
Renae M.
I'll take a (really bad) guess on the 2nd song ...

Possibly ...

Song title: "Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll"
Artists: Imajin, Vaughan Mason & Crew, Baby DC, etc. ...


I dunno ...
Right or wrong ...
There you go.