The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team


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Hi all! Does anyone know a song from Season 2 of this show they played on a couple of episodes including the first one and the second to last one? It's a female singing and a line is "We could love one another . . ." The last time they played it was the episode prior to this last one when they were practicing their kicks going across the floor.

Much appreciated in advance for any help!
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Thanks, Michelle. I know I'm two years late in reading the reply but I appreciate your help.
Hi all!
So on the tv show Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team 3, close to the end of the training camp on the practice turf there’s a song they use after the entrance. It sounds like Bob Dylan but I don’t know and I looooove it!!!! The lyrics have something about poison and cut me something along those lines. I looked on YouTube at the part I needed and they use an entirely different song on there. The song I’m looking for is the one shown on the actual show streaming on Pluto. Help!!!
Thank you!!!!
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