1. T

    Courtyard by Marriott NFL "Follow Your Passion"

    View: Does anyone know the background music in the courtyard by Marriott x nfl commercial I couldn’t find the video on YouTube sorry
  2. G

    Thursday Night Football

    What is the background music for 2023 Lions vs. Chief's Thursday night football commercial? Not the official Thursday night football theme. Hard rock song.
  3. R

    NFL Shop "Drip is in the Details"

    View: Trying to figure out the song used for an NFL shop commercial on 11/12/2022 during the Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers football game on YouTube TV The commercial started with a man in a New Orleans Jersey I...
  4. S

    NFL Turning Point (Eagles vs. Patriots)

    Was wondering if anyone can provide the name of the music that starts at 37:43 into clip? Thanks for any assistance.
  5. K

    Fox NFL SUNDAY 2005

    The commercial starts :30 into this vid. It's a bass guitar solo that plays. The Commercial first aired in 2005 and it has been stuck in my head for over 10 years. Today after 2 hours of searching I found it. I'm hoping someone knows the songs or the band name that made this song. Does anyone know?
  6. F

    AFC Championship Game

    Can someone pls tell me the name of the song being played during this AFC Championship game teaser???
  7. A

    NFL Kickoff Tomorrow Night

    Hi, im looking for the name of the song that was in the NFL Kick Off tomorrow night commercial, there was no lyrics for me to search. I've heard the song before but i cant put a name to it.
  8. M

    NFL Network

    hi. Does anyone know the name of the band and/or song that's played in the NFL Network's pre-season games promos? It sounds like heavy metal. Thank you.
  9. L

    Pepsi "Are You Fan Enough"

    Might be music made specifically for the ad, but if anyone knows what this is I'd appreciate the info: Thanks!
  10. farbeyond

    NFL Network 2011 Year Of The Rookie Randall Cobb

    Hi, does anyone know the name of the song used in this NFL Network 2011 Year Of The Rookie video clip of Randall Cobb?
  11. C

    Madden NFL 12

    I was watching my nephew play Madden 12 the other day and a song was playing. All I can remember about the song was 1964. I have been looking all over the internet and I cannot find out who or what the song is. It isn't in the "official" Madden soundtrack or on the game disc either. This is...
  12. J

    Visa NFL "Ned's Journey to the Super Bowl"

    Visa NFL "Ned's Journey to the Super Bowl" There is a commercial for the NFL (possibly VISA included as well?) where you can win a trip to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis. The song is "Going back to Indiana" but I can not determine who is singing it (it is not the Jackson 5 doing the version in...
  13. K

    Can anyone ID the song in the current commercial where a guy shows up at a party and hands out a bunch of NFL gifts, which of course everybody loves. The last one is to a little kid who apparently screams really loud - except the ony sound in the ad is a tune, sung by a man, sounds a...
  14. S

    NFL Mobile on Verizon

    How about one I keep hearing today: I didn't catch enough of it to know precisely what was being advertised, but it is Verizon and features a slew of "regular people" (read: nonathletes) catching a football from outer space (that is, off-camera). The tune is upbeat, sung by a female and, as far...
  15. J

    Pepsi Back to Football NFL 2011

    I saw this ad during the Pro Bowl and would like to know the name of the song.
  16. C

    NFL Network

    The NFL has been playing a commercial with this song in the background: Artist? Song title?
  17. S

    NFL Fox Journey to the Superbowl

    Does anybody remember this amazing introduction at the beginning of the NFL season on Fox? -Is this an actual song/score piece from a movie, or was it manufactured specifically for the intro?
  18. A

    NFL Pledge to Play 60

    Apparently, there's two version of the ad. One version has The Power is On by The Go Team, but the second version, which started airing during Thanksgiving, has a new song. Here's the link to the video: (Link might only work if you reside in USA)...
  19. M

    NFL Network

    On sunday after the Giants game there was a commerical - i think just for the NFL. It was a montage of highlights. At the begining of the commercial it says what song is playing during the montage and I missed it! Help! It's hip hop. great beat, PLEASE HELP what song is it??
  20. C

    There's an commercial that's been playing a lot. It shows a camera going through the Redskins conferance room (shows Shanahan and McNabb), the Chargers locker room, shows a bunch of commentators, and ends by following LT running out onto the field. There's a song playing that has a man...