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Does anyone know where to find a song list of all the songs featured on RW Austin's first and second episodes? I checked out and couldn't find it anywhere, I know they had done that in the past but didn't see one for this season's. Thanks!
i think it is the first epi. when the guy in the cowboy hat and the girl in the pink swim suit are hitting each other with towels. i think its a guy singing if anyone knows whats up id appricate it
the song is "shimmy shimmy quarter turn" by Hellogoodbye, my friend is the drummer of the band. they are awesome ! you should buy there cd its sweet!!!
Anyone know the song at the end of Real Wrold Episode 3

I caught these lyrics..

"Im done throwing Punches"
"Catch My Breath"

Hope that helps.

At the end of the 3rd episode where Danny goes in for surgery, there is this very mellow/depressing song that is playing and I cannot find it anywhere. Only lyrics I know are like, "When I'm threw throwin' punches..." and then the episode ends.
I'd appriciate the help. :D
Thank you,
does anyone know the song that they plaed on the last real world episode. they played it at the very end when melinda and danny are walking away it's like "i'm through with these punches" if you know anything that would be GREAT!
it goes like " just do your best to hear me, it's all you can do"
does anyone know what it was? <33
it's the episode where Wes and Melinda kiss eachother.. there's a rock/punk song playing right at the beginning.

and also one while Johanna is saying "I love costume parties." some lyrics: it's just an ordinary shadow of/on your face. if anyone could help, thanks!
In the Episode where one of the girls finds out the guy she likes has a girlfirend, there is a song playing with:

slow steady snare beat and acoustic guitar, female vocalist singing the lyrics

"I hope you die a firey death I've got a black and blue hangover. I've got a black and blue hangover"

I searched the lyrics to no avail. Does anyone know the song?
Does anyone know the song that was playing in Real World Austin, (I think it was the last episode) when Neahmiah wrote an apology letter to Rachel? It was when she read it when it was left on her bed, i think, and carried in to when she went to his room to talk to him. It was about how he offended her and about her just being a nurse and not really being a part of the war. Let me know, thanks.