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wooooot thank you :)

....though apparently it's not the same version? At least it doesn't sound exactly the same.

Thanks... i was also searching that song and no idea what its name is.. i'm now listening and it's awesome.. but i agree that it doesn't sound the same...
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Yeah I found out that the one used in the episode was an original composition, based on that song mentioned above. Which is good and bad, since... I enjoy the version in the episode more than the original (horrible, I know, but I'm just being honest).
Episode 12 of Season 19 of the Simpsons, 'Love, Springfieldian Style'

Episode 12 of Season 19 of the Simpsons, 'Love, Springfieldian Style' has some really nice music at the end, as Sid Vicious (Nelson) and Lisa are kissing and Homer is showering paper from a recycling bin down over them.... Anyone know what it is, or was it made specifically for the show?

guys i wanna know the song used in season 19 episode 13...really nice background...
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someone can ask me this question: what's the name of the music between 8:40 and 8:56 ? season 19 episode 11
help me plz
May I ask what was the soundtrack to Martin's memorial service in Season 19, Episode 14 of The Simpsons?

English Translation:

The music you mentioned should be the soundtrack for the slideshow at the back, and what I want to know is the symphony of about 10 seconds at the beginning of this memorial service.​

Do you mean the piece played by Nelson inside Martin's butterfly chamber?

"Prelude in C Minor for Lute (BWV 999)" by Johann Sebastian Bach (performed on guitar and transposed to D minor).

English Translation:

Thank you for your answer, but it is not the one I want. I provide a screenshot for your reference. It is a symphony played by students, and it is very short.​

Here is a listing of other songs used in The Simpsons S19E14 episode:

NBC Mystery Movie Theme
by Henry Mancini

Gonna Fly Now
Music by Bill Conti

I Will Remember You
Performed by Sarah McLachlan

Sabre Dance
Music by Aram Khachaturyan