1. T

    The Simpsons Season 22

    When Lisa walks into the desert there is a piece of music, xylophone I think. Very familiar, but for the life of me I can't place it. Does anyone know what it is?
  2. thehypnotoad

    The Simpsons Season 21

    In this episode, there was some solemn and gloomy music with no vocals when Homer is in France thinking of Marge. It also plays when the credits show up. I think its a trumpet or a sax, something like that. I'm not sure what it is but it sounds good. Does anyone know the song by any chance?
  3. F

    Famous Nautical Tune

    What is that famous nautical tune that goes doodoo do do do doodoo doodoodoodoodiddidididdo doo doo doo doo doo doo? I think they play it in the Simpsons at some points... perhaps when it shows the Sea Captain or something? Thanks to anyone who can answer this one!
  4. E

    The Simpsons Season 19

    In the latest episode of The Simpsons, S19E06 airing 11/11/07, there is a montage scene right after Millhouse says that he would not care if his parents ever came back. Does anyone know the name of the classical music, Violins?, that plays in the background. I have been looking for this...
  5. mrjoanofarc

    The Simpsons Medal of Homer or Spoofing a "Metal of Honor" trailer, and using the same style of dramatic choral orchestral music typical of WWII-shooter games... any idea?
  6. T

    The Simpsons Season 18

    The Simpsons "Jazzy and the Pussycats" season 18 hey, whats the jazz song that Lisa and Bart are playing at the GoodTimes bar on stage? thanks.
  7. K

    The Simpsons Season 11

    I'm looking for the song used in the episode "Take My Wife, Sleaze" (#BABF05 / SI-1105) of The Simpsons. As a quick recap, this is the episode where Homer wins a motorcycle at a 50's nostalgia diner and starts a gang called The Hell's Satans, only to have the real Hell's Satans find him and...
  8. C

    The Simpsons Season 10

    does any1 no the song tats in the simpsons when homer became a hippy and he helped the other hippies with their carrot juice (the song plays when homers picking the carrots) and its also in the new ad for bulmers/magners help!!!!!
  9. E

    The Simpsons Season 2

    does any know what the song is called that was playd during the simpsons in the foot ball game halftime show. its like Horray for everything it was also playing when homer was driving his car to pick up his dad.
  10. S

    The Simpsons Season 17

    Anyone know the music the robot plays during the simpsons. It sounds like an 80's synth song.
  11. S

    The Simpsons Season 8

    Remember the episode where Marge gets the pretzel wagon franchise, and Homer goes to the mob to get rid of all the competition? Anyone know the music they play when the mob is getting rid of all the competition (knocking over the hot dog cart, dropping off the girl scouts at the state line...
  12. S

    The Simpsons Season 4

    there's this episode of the simpsons where homer lies on the floor and starts walking circles while constantly saying 'woop woop woop woop woop'.....i can't even remember what episode it was but it was in a room with burns and smithers and burns said he had overestimated homer's...
  13. B

    The Simpsons Season 1

    In the episode of "The Simpsons" with the Babysitter Bandit, Homer and Marge are preparing to leave for a seafood restaurant. Homer is getting ready in the bathroom, perhaps shaving, and he is humming a song. He never sings the words, it's more of a "bumpa... bumpa bumpa bumpa bumpa bumpa"...
  14. C

    The Simpsons Season 12

    Anyone know the name of the song that Fat Tony plays on the violin when he first gets it? It's a sad sounding song on just the violin.
  15. I

    The Simpsons Season 13

    Hey. I was wondering what the song is called when Homer is high. It's also in alot of other movies about weed. It's a really trippy song. I can't really understand what is being said either. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thnx.
  16. R

    The Simpsons Season 16

    What was the song that the Simpsons played. They were playing the song using instruments. There weren't any lyrics. Can somebody please help me? The show aired march 6.
  17. S

    The Simpsons Season 7

    Does anybody know the music used in the episode of The Simpsons when Homer becomes a freak in a freak show (Cannon Ball Launched at Stomach). Specifically the music used when Homer talks about music in his time (when some teens are listening to classic rock in a van). Also the song that the...
  18. A

    The Simpsons Season 5

    Ok. This one should be easy, but I am not having any luck finding the song. In this episode Granpa Simpson is in love with Marge's mother (Beuvia or something another) but so is Mr. Burns. Long story short, Grandma and Burns are at the alter, Grandpa breaks up the wedding, Grandma and Grandpa...
  19. aly_monkey

    The Simpsons Season 6

    The Simpsons "A Star Is Burns" season 6 Hello everyone. I was wondering if someone could tell me what is the song played when there is this event in Springfield about movies, when Barney does his, there is a song... like an opera song, I wish I could know its name :unsure: Thanks.
  20. NovaBlas

    The Simpsons Season 15

    The Simpsons "Margical History Tour" Bart is Mozart season 15 When he is lying in his death bed a song is playing that the captions only describe as "Choir singing a mournful aria" Does anybody know the true name of this song?