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Remember the episode where Marge gets the pretzel wagon franchise, and Homer goes to the mob to get rid of all the competition?

Anyone know the music they play when the mob is getting rid of all the competition (knocking over the hot dog cart, dropping off the girl scouts at the state line etc). There are no words, just music...and it's kinda mob-y.

any ideas?
The Simpsons "The Homer They Fall" season 8

episode where homer boxes for moe... he fights tatum and when homer enters the rnig they play a song.. the name of the song?
The Simpsons "The Homer They Fall" season 8


This is the episode where Homer becomes a boxer and fights Drederick Tatum. Does anyone know the name of the rap song that plays when Tatum enters the ring?

The Simpsons "The Twisted World of Marge" season 8

Hi. What is the song played when the mob goes around intimidating other vendors?
It's not that SNZ track, but it's in the same style.

I've always loved that track from The Simpsons too, and had heard it in several other places (Burger King used it in a campaign once). I always assumed it was off of an old library music collection and would be impossible to find, but I did more searching and finally found it!

The track is called "Forearm Shiver," the artist is Sam Spence, and it can be found on a CD collection called "Autumn Thunder: 40 Years of NFL Films Music". You can get it from Amazon or possibly elsewhere on the internet.

(I'm cracking up right now just thinking about the Mob escorting the Girl Scouts out of the limousine at the county line...)

It's great being able to identify something like this. Enjoy!