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Does anybody know the music used in the episode of The Simpsons when Homer becomes a freak in a freak show (Cannon Ball Launched at Stomach). Specifically the music used when Homer talks about music in his time (when some teens are listening to classic rock in a van). Also the song that the Smashing Pumpkins played.
Well the other song was a rock song. Most likely from the 70's. I don't think there were any lyrics. Also, if anybody knows the name of the episode that would be a big help.
The episode is 3F21 from Season 7, and it's called "Homerpalooza."

I remember Bart & Lisa yelling at him about his "dinosaur bands" after he mentioned Grand Funk Railroad. Just a guess, but could it be GFR playing in that van flashback scene too?
The Simpsons "Homerpalooza" season 7

I am looking for the name of the first song Cypress Hill plays in this episode. Its right after the guy hammering nails into his nose or something.
I think it's called "Insane In the Brain," but I'm sure that was just a typo.

Did you know there was an episode of Futurama called "Insane In the Mainframe"? Possibly my second-favorite episode title from that series, behind only "Love's Labours Lost In Space."
Is it insane in the membrane? It does not sound like the first song, insane in the membrane is the second song.
The Simpsons "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish" season 7

the song in the simpsons episode with the hellfish.. grandpa and burns go to find some paintings underwater.. when they give the paintings to the rightful owner he gets into his car and this techno song plays anybody know it?
I'm thinking it's something by Kraftwerk as the guy says he has to go to a Kraftwerk concert, but no idea what the song is...