The Simpsons Season 16


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What was the song that the Simpsons played. They were playing the song using instruments. There weren't any lyrics. Can somebody please help me? The show aired march 6.
Thank you that was the name and artist of the song.
The Simpsons "The Seven-Beer Snitch" season 16

Does anybody know the song used in the Simpsons. Its the scene when Otto the bus Driver looks at his urine and sees weird things because hes intoxicated. The song sorta sounds like hippie music with a synthesizer.
The Simpsons "On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister" season 16

Does anyone know the name of the song playing in the middle of the episode where it showed Bart avoiding Lisa's restraining order? Thanks.
I am assuming you are taking about the scene where the family is all playing musical instruments like they are celebrating (I didn't see the actual episode, only the commerical)

The song you are looking for is Tijuana Taxi by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.
No, it's a little bit before or after that. The scene starts off with Bart outside in the rain eating a pizza, then him riding on a grocery cart attached to the school bus, and then him in the library before Lisa comes in and pushes him into the gay reading section. I thought it sounded like a Sting song, but I don't know.
I can't really remember but maybe it's "Don't Stand So Close To Me" by the Police.
The Simpsons "Future-Drama" season 16

What was that oldies song that was playing in the last scene? It's when Homer and Marge get back together and they're hanging out in Homer's underwater house.
"Sea Of Love" by Phil Phillips & The Twilights.

Covered in the 80's by The Honeydrippers, with Robert Plant on vocals.
THANKS!! It was driving me nuts all night and this morning. What a relief.
You might be looking for "The White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane. I'm not sure.
Does anyone know the song from the new episode where Flanders moves to PA. It sounds classic and i think the lyrics are "Bad Company is on the rise"
The Simpsons "Mommie Beerest" season 16

Ok, in one of the newer episodes (at least i think its newer) where marge helps moe with his bar to get it up to code, what is the music homer plays on the trombone in sadness?

I actually have this song on tape somewhere but it got lost in a move and I cant find it.

All I know is that its a classical song.
The Simpsons "The Heartbroke Kid" season 16

in the episode when the school installs the Scammer & Z-Dog vending machines, what is the song that plays when Bart is eating all the snacks? all i remember from the song is Yummy, Yummy, Yummy...
"Yummy Yummy Yummy" by Ohio Express

You can hear a clip here, track 1.
The Simpsons "Thank God It's Doomsday" season 16

What is the the name of the song that is played when Homer first enters heaven in this episode. I've heard this song many times, as we all have most likely. It's a vocal, classical song, but not necessarily opera (I don't think). This song is driving me crazy!