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There is a new ad 4 Target in which some students are on the playground throwing a football, etc. and the music in the background has a jazzy beat with the song goin'
"I'm cool like that, I'm phat like that, I freak like that, cuz I roll like that"

Any help is gr8ly appreciated
Hmm.. that sounds like Digital Underground - Digital Lover but I'm not positive..
Target is notorious for not using commercially available music, and having it created instead...

But I'll see what I can find out...
Yea, so says they! *hmph*

You may remember Raging, a few months back, the Target "Swell" campaign that we were looking into.. you actually emailed them and they wrote back saying it was commissioned.. I've heard that same song on 2 different commercials now, none even remotely related to Target.

They just don't wanna share their infinite wisdom. :angry:
The song in the Target commercial is based on the classic 93 tune "Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)" by Digable Planets from the CD "Reachin A New Refutation Of Time And Space."

Target seems to very often re-record shorter cuts of the songs they use with the original artists (like they did with Devo's Beautiful World last year). Sometimes they are edits of the original. Sometimes another artist records the song.

In this case, I just don't know.

But at least now you know where to find the original version that inspired the commercial.