Target "You Can Have It All"



Target "You Can Have It All"

Does anyone know what the song to that commercial for Target is.. It is the commercial that came on Tonight During American Idol. It goes like " You can have it all" but I am not sure who sang it etc. I would appreciate anyone's help. Thanks.

im sure this is probably the millionth question about a target commercial. if its already been answered, could someone just redirect this thread.
i dont remember what was actually on the tv for the ad, just the music. the only lyrics i can remember are "wake up cause i wanna go. you can have it all". something like that. it just sounds familiar. thanks
I know people have the target question about a song and one of the songs was "Say Something New" but that's not the one I am looking for. They have a new commercial with a lyric "you Can Have It All" and I think it's sorta French Pop sounding. Please let me know what song this is. Thanks
I must say i'm really looking forward to hearing a reply on this one. There's only one guy in pop with a voice like that and it's Sam Prekop. Although i can't place the track, i just know the answer is gonna turn out to be by him, or by his band "The sea and cake".
i agree with peechee, it does sound a LOT like sam prekop. if it is the sea and cake, it's not a track on "one bedroom" or "nassau." at first, i suspected it was "you can have it all" by yo la tengo, but the songs are completely different.

i'm looking forward to the answer because i really like the song.
You guys are right. It's Sam Prekop solo, not TSAC.
He wrote it expressly for the commercial, it's not on his new album.
That doesn't bode well. I hope this track makes it to a release of some kind. I'm loving it. :)
Hi, I just found this, very cool. I need help finding out the artist/title of a song I heard on a new Target commercial.

The lyrics in it go: "Wake up, 'cause I wanna can have it all..."

I have typed these into search engines with no luck. :( If someone knows who this is, PLEASE let me know. I MUST HAVE that song!

Thanks so much...

Starlet23 B)
I want this song too, but the guy who wrote it, Sam Prekop, made it for the Target commercial only.:( The good news is that he has a self titled solo album and is the lead singer for a great band called The Sea and Cake, which has a number of albums (I personally like One Bedroom).
So it was Sam from The Sea and Cake. Damn. I couldn't miss that sexy voice. Thanks guys for the info!
Im looking for the song I heard in a commercial for target. Some of the lyrics go (I think) "Cause I wanna know" and "you can have it all." Any help would be appreciated. :)
If it is the commercial I'm thinking about, it might be the French group Tahiti 80. Good Luck...
I swear it is either the Sea and Cake, or their lead singer, Sam Prekop. Listen to a sample on Amazon, and tell me if you do not agree.
I listened to a sea and cake sample and to two sam prekop samples. The 2 sam prekop ones were just instrumental, and the sea and cake one was kind of fuzzy (because it was a sample) and I really couldn't even make out the voice that well. <_<

I'm really just wanting to find the song from the commercial. I personally think the style sounded like an Air song, but I dont think its them.
IF you can, listen to a sample of Two Dolphins on the Sea and Cake album Oui, that is pretty representational of his vocals. I am a big fan of theirs, and it really sounds like them to me. I am trying to search around and see if I can find out if it is them or not.
Well, I have an answer for you. Found my way to a Sea and Cake discussion forum. The Target ad song IS by Sam Prekop, he wrote it and recorded it expressly for the commercial, and it isn't available on any album.
Please help! I finally signed up just so I can get the answer to this question. What's the song playing in the new(ish) Target commercial - everything is in red or white, dancing and stuff like that. I've searched for the lyrics snippets, but I can't find it anymore. What I remember goes, "Wake up 'cause I wanna go/You can have it all"

Anyone know??
Thank you! You're a darling. I knew it was on here somewhere, but I couldn't find it. Thanks again!
hi! anyone know what the song on the "you can have it all" target commercial is? thank-you!
Hi I work for Target and most of our commercials are original music compositions. I'm not sure if this one is or not but it sounds like it is.