sum mo skins?

No, for several reasons.

• Skins don't translate well between forum software upgrades - one major weakness of Invision as a software company: Every forum update includes a false claim: "This is the last time you'll have to redesign your forum skins!" That's never been the case. I'll have to rebuild this skin (again) once the next major release of Inivisionboard comes out.

• This website/weblog/forum is "branded" for the most part by the look and layout I designed for the site. It needs to maintain a reasonably similar appearance across different areas of the site. The major concession for the forums is they are wider than the rest of the website.

• The premade skins available at ibplanet and the like would have to be modified extensively to work with this forum as it's configured at the moment.

Having said all that, if Invision ever gets there act together and keeps a skin format that lasts between software versions, I may design other skins for the forum, as well as the rest of the website.
hehe alright. I didn't know all that. I figured it would be easy, like with phpbb. :) Thanx for the info.