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South Park "You Got F'd in the A" season 8

well, in this episode, 5th of season 8, there is the part where stan goes to the goth kids and they show him their look at the ground dance and they're dancing to this classic 80's beat, but i don't know if that's a real song or not. if you know, please reply
In the South Park episode "You Got F*cked in the A**", they parody the movie You Got Served.

There are a bunch of songs the kids dance to and I was wondering if they're actually songs or if they were just made for the TV show. I thought maybe they were on the You Got Served soundtrack, but they're not.

I know the song Butters danced to was made up for the show because it's obvious that it's Trey Parker singing it, but I don't know about the others.

Yeah, they were all made for the show. Some of them are obvious parodies of the songs from the soundtrack of "You Got Served", especially the one that has the refrain "I'm on the OC crew, and I'm better than you".
at another point, they say "I'm east side crew, and I'm betta than you", so I thought maybe they changed it from a real song just for the show.

"I've got something in my front pocket for you."

"I'll do a line if you do a line, honey."
South Park "Quest for Ratings" season 8

In the episode where the children are running a news show that other kid comes up with the show called "Animals Viewed Closeup with a Wide-Angle Lens" and the song playing in the background just runs through my head over and over.

Can you name that song? :unsure:
I'm not sure of the title of that specific piece, but I do know it was used in almost every episode of "The Benny Hill Show".
I came across that very episode this evening, and I'm currently trying to find that music. Something tells me it was made specifically for the show, most likely a parody of Fascination Street by The Cure. At least, that's what I think of when I hear it. I'm heading over to the website for South Park studios in search of answers. If I find out anything, I'll let you know.
it sounds so much like a cure song. might want to check on that. i love that episode, poor butters
South Park "Douche and Turd" season 8

The episode about a .... uhhh, dont know if i can say the phrases on here, but its about cartmans' school mascot versus the other school mascot... The song is performed by Puff daddy as a character, Im almost sure its a remake of a song... anyone know it?
South Park "Good Times with Weapons" season 8

anybody know the name of this song.. the song starts roughly around 1:06
i dunno if its a real song or just made for the show but either way i want it
Originally posted by kad-_-archie@Jan 6 2007, 11:03 PM

this is a shortened clip of just the song.. anybody know the name?
I am sure that's a Japanese song B)
South Park "Cartman’s Incredible Gift" season 8

Alright, so this song was slipped onto the end of this particular south park episode (the VERY end, after towlie says 'you wanna go get high'):

....and I REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY want to know what song it is!!! I can't even really make out the lyrics, otherwise I would have tried searching.