Snow Falling On Cedars


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In the Snow Falling on Cedars trailer (, the first half has music from the film's score. However, the second half is not contained in the score CD, and after years of looking around on the Internet for this information, I've never been able to discover where this music is from. Anyone here think they can help?
i don't know that song...but according to soundtracknet, the trailer only contains music from the soundtrack :huh:
James Newton Howard - Tarawa

The song became well known after it was used in the Matrix Revolution teaser trailer, which you may also want to check out. As the song continues it gets better and better. A great peice of music.
I'm not talking about the Tarawa part ... that's the first half of the trailer.

On close listen of the score CD last night, I think maybe it's just a special mix of the other themes in the film. I hear bits and pieces of the music all through the score, but never together like in the trailer ... which is too bad, as the trailer mix seems to reach levels of gorgeousness that the rest of the score flirts with, but never achieves.
Yeah, theres some guitar or something in the trailer song

But there is a big part of Tarawa in it, but at a turned down level