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I was wondering if anyone had the a list of all the classical music that they play on SmallVille or at least a few of them. Opera and classical ?


Does any one know the Name of the song at the end of the episode. It starts where
Clark And Lana Make Love for the first time, then the camara pans of the Apt. and
into the night sky
what was the name of the song where lana finds clark alive at the end and they hug?
Does anybody know all the episode music from the newest episode 'Thirst'?
I know that some music is posted on the WB websites and the Smallville fan sites but some of the songs in the episode weren't mentioned.

Pleeease help :( :(
Ya i got those songs
But there were some other really good songs that weren't on the website

thanx anyway :)
Anyone know the name of the christmas song at the beginning of tonight's episode?
I know the 100th episode of Smallville hasn't aired yet, but the WB has released a 3 minute long preview video clip online. It's not a trailer, but an actual scene from the episode.

In the scene, Lana is in her jeep driving down the highway and Lex is in his sports car chasing after her. She calls Clark on her cell phone and tells him that Lex is drunk and knows his secret. Lex then pulls up next to lana and he yells at her to pull over. As she takes her eyes off the road to look at him, she hits another vehicle. Clark hears all this on the cell phone and runs supersonic speed to the scene of the accident but is too late. That's when the song starts playing.

It's a classical piece, with violins, no vocals, very intense.

Does anyone know the song?
That is from the Requiem For A Dream soundtrack. The track is called Lux Aeterna.
Does any one know name of song when they were burying Jonathan at the end of show? It sounds like Peter Gabriel...hope someone can help me lol
Peter Gabriel - I Grieve. It was on the City Of Angels soundtrack.
wat is the song in the episode reconking which just played tonight. it was the song aat the very end at the funeral
Anyone know the music from 2 weeks ago? It was at the very end, and I'm pretty sure it was by Depeche Mode, but I'm not quite sure...anyone?
It might have been the song "Precious" from their latest album Playing the Angel