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Does anybody know if theres a site for the music thats played on smallville?
Most of the "Smallville" TV show music is great, but I don't think they always indicate what was the source, if they do--it goes by too fast, or sometimes I suspect it may be cut out in reruns.
The song, the title/artist I'm looking for, repeats "Come [over] (or Go) to the other side"; I can't quite place the episode, but the song seems like a very familiar hit; and they haven't replayed it recently. I'm watching every rerun to try to catch it.
I don't know if it was one where Clark or his friends get transformed to their bad equivalents by Kryptonite or Red Kryptonite, or not.
You know in the beginning after the first episode part, it ahs the intro and it goes like "saaave me" and then goes back to the episode, what's the theme song?
hello, i was recently watching the 1st season of smallville again and found a song I liked but couldnt remember which song it was. Just wondering if someone could help me out. Its the song at the ending of the 3rd episode of the 1st season when both lana and clark are screaming on the football field

"Renegade Fighter" by Zed plays at the first scene when they are playing football in the rain. "Bad Day" by Fuel plays in the background when Chloe, Clark, and Pete are visiting Lana in the coffee house. "Motivation" by Sum 41 plays when Jonathan is watching Clark playing football.

Hope that helps! :p
But I just can't get this song out of my head, it's like a industrial grunge rock song, it's being played in lex's car I think before he ran clark over on the bridge, not to sure, but it's in season one is the only thing I konw for a fact, any help is appriciated
I'm not sure that is it. That song is sorta mellow, this song is like thrash guitar and screaming vocals
I guess I've been corrected, sorry about that man, but I dont' know something doesn't feel right
But I think I just misplaced the car scene, it is a scene with lex in his car, but I think about 10 or 15 seconds in he stops and pulls over to help this woman out, the song is very metal like, or grunge but again, any help is welcomed, I'll be seeing if I can help in the forums
Check the first few songs listed for Episode #18: "Drone". I remember there being a scene early on where he stops to help this woman whose car is stopped on the side of the road. Turns out she's a reporter trying to get an interview with him.
Does anyone know the name of the song that played at the end of Smallville episode 101, Vengeance? Who performed it?
The following links to four clips from the unaired Smallville pilot, but I'm asking under film scores, because that seems to be what they used.

If anyone knows what movies the clips came from, I'd greatly appreciate the help in ID-ing them.
The third clip - football fantasy - is from Meet Joe Black.
Thanks for the help. You wouldn't happen to know if it's on the soundtrack would you? I tried matching it to clips on Amazon, but couldn't figure out which it was.

Anyone for the other three?
It's not available on Rhasody so I can't listen to it ( <_< ) but I believe it's at the very end, and it's called "That Next Place."