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Hey all!

Well, in the end of the last episode of season 3 of smallville, the episode is called "Convenant" and well, When they are showing the ending when everything is going bad, there is a symphony music in the background and well on the official The Wb website, there is only the music of Mindy Smith but there isn't the name of the orchestra so well if anyone knows... I'dd be glad to know and well there are no lyrics in this music so I can't give more info...

I don't know the name of the episode, but in this one, Lionel gets arrested by the FBI at the end. In the background is an opera. Does any one remember and know which opera it is that he played? Thanks in advance.
can you give some more details on the episode to help narrow it down? which season is it from, if you know... what is the plot of the episode? etc...
I only caught the last part of the episode. At the end, Pete told Clark that he is leaving Smallville because he fears that by staying in Smallville, he'll end up betraying Clark. Also, Lex shows up at Lionel's office, telling him that he has slipped up and bringing in the FBI to arrest Lionel for the murder of his parents. Does that help?

I was wondering about this piece myself; the episode is 3-21, entitled "Forsaken". The final scene begins with Lionel Luthor in his darkened office; there's music on the stereo in which a soprano and orchestra are prominent. It sounds like Verdi, or possibly Bellini, to me. I don't think it's Mozart's Requiem (although I could be mistaken). Lex comes in and confronts his father. The scene ends with Lionel's being handcuffed and led away by the FBI agents.
Well, there are Bellinis and Bellinis, aren't there? Giovanni B. (1430-1507) was the painter; Vincenzo B. (1801-1835) was the composer, creator of Norma, one of the most famous operas in the bel canto style.

Of course, you're having me on, so the Bellini you want is the drink created by Harry's Bar in Venice in the 1920s - Prosecco and white peach juice; apparently Hemingway liked to get absolutely hammered on these (well, starting on these, anyway).
Sandman, the source I got my info from regarding Mozart was in reference to that exact scene you're describing... I don't think I saw the episode, so I can't say for sure... But, check out Requiem and see if any of those are what you're looking for. If not, we'll start the search again. :)
Thanks, Michelle. I'll definitely do that. As I say, it didn't sound like any portion of the Requiem that I recall, but I haven't listened to it in a while, so I might be mis-remembering.

And a snippet of a musical setting of the Mass for the Dead would certainly fit a scene where the subject was murder. Fit in a bitter, twisted way, that is.
Sorry for the double-post, but I've listened to my recording of Mozart's Requiem, and I'm sure now that what I heard in that Smallville scene was not from that work. I think the Requiem was actually used in the next episode (the season 3 finale) but I'll have to double-check. I'm going to go back to "Forsaken" to see what else I can remember about the clip we heard.

I'm officially stumped. Thanks for your help thus far.
Originally posted by Sandman@Sep 29 2004, 09:22 AM
I think the Requiem was actually used in the next episode (the season 3 finale) but I'll have to double-check.
hmm.. I think that was the episode I was looking at, the season finale of last season. Do you know the name of the episode or can describe it some more, and I'll look again.
After checking out the recap by the hilarious and gifted Omar G., I'm pretty sure this is the only episode in which the Requiem was used. That was the Season 3 finale, episode number 3-22, called "Covenant".

The moment that stumps me comes, as I mentioned, near the end of the previous one, 3-21, called "Forsaken"; all I really know about the scene I posted upthread. I'm not sure what else I can tell you, except that it's the scene where Lex confronts his father about the murder of Lochlyn and Liza (?) Luthor, Lionel's parents. The FBI agents come in later, and clap Lionel in handcuffs.

The musical cue occurs right at the beginning of this (rather under-lit; it's all blues and shadows) scene. From the orchestral introduction, I'd say it was near the beginning of a soprano aria. To me it sounds like Bellini in style.

I didn't tape the show, so that's all I got. Sorry it isn't more.
Hey guys....caught a rerun of Smallville tonight and wondered what song was playing when Clark took Alicia home from looking at the stars in the barn loft...had a really catchy beat and sounded familiar... Thanks!
Can you describe the music? Genre/type, lyrics, male/female vocals, etc.
In Season 3, Episode 18, called "Truth" there is a song playing at the very end while Chloe is listening to her voicemail. Some choral music. Anybody know what it is? Better yet, does anybody know where I can get an entire listing of all the songs that they play on Smallville? The official soundtracks are somewhat limited.
Here is some of the music from the episode:

Music: "Someday" by Fastball, "Better Don't Do" by Ing
"Stabat Mater" by Paul Schwartz, and "Selling Out" by The Fuzz.