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I was wondering what that french song was when Lana was in the shower in the 1st episode of the season. Thanks
Unfortunately I missed the episode, but according to the WB, the shower scene French song was by san.drine.

Here are the songs listed at theWB for the episode:

"Better Days Will Come" by Tahiti 80, A Piece Of Sunshine
"Plus Pres De Moi" by san.drine

I hope that helps. :D
I don't know if that's the song heard during the shower scene (The San.Drine song), but I found the following info:

"Ramene-moi" aka "Plus Pres de Moi" featured in SMALLVILLE, THE NEW SEASON!!!! Don't miss it!! Tune in to the WB, WED Sept 22 2004, at 8pm/7pm central ***
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that is correct. The French song in the shower scene is :

Artist: san.drine
CD title: Histoires d'Eau (the song is track #5 on the CD)
Does anyone know the name of the song that was playing right as Lana was waking up from her dillusional state? It could have even just been show produced music but it was all freaky and stuff.
is this the same song that's played during the explosion (chloe) and when Lionel Luther gets shanked while showering in prison? :what:
Okay, I can't figure out what the song was that was played in the locker room make-out scene of "Devoted" with Clark and the Mandy cheerleader girl. It was right after Lois and Chloe walked in and they stood up, and while Clark/Chloe/Lois were talking, the song was playing.

It's like some sort of funky rock song. Parts of the lyrics I got were:

"Get on the floor it's alright
Let yourself go it's alright
If you want to get ____ it's alright
Just strap yourself in and hold tight.
If you don't understand it's destiny
Let this dance get hot tonight
If you want to get ____ baby it's alright
Let this dance girl rock tonight
We'll fall on the floor let yourself feel alright"

That's just a few random lines I was able to catch. I have no idea what the song or who the artist is, and the WB didn't release any info.

Can anyone help?
I found the following from the episode:

Authority Zero "Andiamo"
Sam Roberts "We Were Born in a Flame"
Hawk Nelson "Letter to the President"
Ash "Meltdown"
Yeah, but it's none of those. There was something like 7 or more songs the WB used in that episode, and they didn't list all of them. Thanks anyway, though.
anyone know what song was being played from jimmy eat world from that episode and also what song was also being played during the prison fight scene?
"Future"- Jimmy eat world

As for the fight scene i dunno, but i wish i did, i would like to know too!
No, it's not futures. Futures is the name of their new album.

The song is called "Pain" by Jimmy Eat World, which is on their new album coming out in November.

It's the song that was used during the prison fight scene.
The best site for that type of stuff is the Superman homepage. Click on the smallville bit and it gives you all the episode guides and what music was played in the episode. Its worth a try but i'm not sure if season 4 will be on it. B)

Please can anyone help me with the name of the song in the epsiode "unsafe" of smallville ( aired Wed, Jan 26th). It was a femal artist singing during the part where Alicia (sarah carter) was looking for the red kryptonite and then broke it out of the ring???? sorta sounded like sarah McLachlan?????? I think anyway. Any help out there??? Please??????
"Life For Rent" by Dido
"It's Now Or Never" by Elvis
"Beautiful Soul" by Jesse McCartney
"Break So Easy" by Johnathan Rice
"Funny Little Feeling" by Rock N Roll Soldiers
"Laura" by Scissor Sisters
"Welcome To My Life" by Simple Plan

From that list, I'm thinking you're looking for the Dido song. :unsure: You can listen to an audio sample of that song here, track 3.
it's "Life For Rent" by Dido on her album of the same name.

:) Glad to help.
what is the name of the song that played at the end of the show. i know it is minnie driver, but what is the name of song.
Originally posted by schniacki85@Feb 2 2005, 08:26 PM
its called everything ive got in my pocket
You can listen to an audio sample of the song here, track 1.