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k, I can't remember which episode it was in, but I've been looking for it for ages now, and I just can't find it... It goes something like "and everything will be wonderful tonigh", it's kinda slow, a bit like Superman, Good Life and Beautiful World, and it's sung by a man...

(the song was featured in an episode of The $treet as well)

I know it's kinda vague.. but I really hope you can help me :unsure:
The songs aren't listed there. and I already tried looking it up on another website, but I think it's a s1 ep, and the songs from the first season aren't listed there.
Could it be "Easy Tonight" by Five for Fighting? Great song even if it's not the right one! B)
I watch the show sometimes but rarely pay special attention to music that is familiar to me.
Just a shot in the dark, but could it be Claptons' Wonderful Tonight?
When you mentioned the lyrics, "And everything will be wonderful..." I thought of Everclear. Only you added tonight, and Everclear says blah blah wonderful now.
i dont know the name of the scrubs theme song
the lyrics are as follows

i can't do this all on my own
no im no
im no superman
im no superman
Help! I tried searching for the lyrics but came up with nothing. It's a song that has the lyrics "Why can't you break down the walls" just over and over again. I even checked the Scrubs soundtrack, and it's not on there. Anyone got a clue?
I checked and it said that the featured song in that episode was "Easy Tonight" by Five For Fighting.
Definitely not it. Definitely not Five for Fighting either. It didn't sound like someone I've heard before, maybe someone lesser-known.
I had a feeling it wasn't the song either, but I'm trying to find out if there is a listing somewhere.
Scrubs season 1

Hi, I just watched the season 1 episode 12 of scrubs titled my blind date. I am wondering if anybody knows the name of the artist and song which plays at the end of the show when dr. cox and elliot try to resusitate a patient just before midnight to have a perfect 24 hrs without anyone dying. I don't believe the song is on the soundtrack. I have read that the song is Five For Fighting - Easy Tonight, but that is definately not the song i'm talking about. The lyrics in the song keep repeating why can't you break down the wall. Its not the youth of today, sevendust, or chris jericho. Thank you

If you watched Season 1 on a DVD, the song is different than what played in the original television eppy. Don't know why it was done that way, but it was. My friend recently rented Season 1 from Netflix; I'll ask her if she knows what song played.

Hi FarBeyond,

My friend already returned the DVD. Evidently, the Five For Fighting song that was used on the TV show was replaced because it cost too much to include it on the DVD. I think Roswell did the same on their DVDs with some songs.

Anyhow, my friend and I both did some searching for you, and evidently this song is a mystery. People on the Scrubs forum are looking for it, too. Zach Braff has a blog with a message board (Zach Braff's Blog), so maybe you can check there if you don't find an answer here. I'm sorry I couldn't help you.

thanks for the effort looking and your friend too. the song is sweet so i can't wait to find out what it is. do you have a link to that scrubs forum with zach braff's blog?
damn i really need to read everyword and pay attention. you already posted the link to his blog. thanks again
You're welcome. If I find anything out in the meantime, I'll let you know!

is this song still Unknown? its too good of a song for it to be unknown.