1. leone

    Scrubs Season 8

    Episode 1: My Jerks song playing at the end: "Catch My Disease" by Ben Lee (Amazon) (iTunes) Episode 2: My Last Words song playing at the end: "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" by Death Cab For Cutie (Amazon) (iTunes)
  2. headchange4u

    Scrubs Season 7

    Anyone know who did the song at the end of the show? Male vocalist kind of an acoustic/folk song. Didn't catch any lyrics. TIA :D
  3. T


    Ok guys, there is a commercial for scrubs promo on comedy central. Its an upbeat tune and you can hear a guitar playin in the background easily. Can someone help me figure out the song. Not sure if the song is just a beat so if ya can help i would be very happy.
  4. I

    Scrubs Season 6

    where can i download the scrubs theme song?
  5. J

    Scrubs Season 2

    Scrubs season 2 I think the SCrubs show that aired last night, March 7th, was a re-run, because if I'm not mistaken Heather Graham was in it. Either way, in the opening part of the show the elderly people are dancing an old song. It's a very popular old song, but I can't for the life of me...
  6. R

    Scrubs Season 5

    Scrubs 10 jan 06 it sounded very much like citizen cope, i didnt catch any words i was cooking... ny and all help say hello!
  7. N

    Scrubs Season 4

    The last song that was played on tonights scrubs. (ended with the guy in at the karoke place)
  8. F

    Scrubs Season 1

    k, I can't remember which episode it was in, but I've been looking for it for ages now, and I just can't find it... It goes something like "and everything will be wonderful tonigh", it's kinda slow, a bit like Superman, Good Life and Beautiful World, and it's sung by a man... (the song was...
  9. I

    Scrubs Season 3

    Can anyone tell me what that song was from Scrubs. It played during JD finding out that Elliot is going back to her old boyfriend. Had lyrics like "You heard me when my voice could not speak". :) Thanks!