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The last song that was played on tonights scrubs. (ended with the guy in at the karoke place)
"blue eyes" by Cary Brothers. It's on his album and the garden state soundtrack
Anyone know the name of the song and associated band played during the final scenes of this evening's "Scrubs," NBC, 9:30 pm, Tuesday, October 26, 2004?

Don't recall the exact scene, but there was but one prominent backround track as I recall: soft acoustic rock. I could make out the lyrics, "I wish," "I still believe," "you should know," and "think I'm getting lost for a while" (or something similar). Googled to no avail.

It was "Honestly" by Cary Brothers. From the EP 'All The Rage'
does anyone know the song that was played at the of the scrubs episode tonight. it was a guy singing. sounded pete yorn -ish. sounded like he was singing "baby, youre a lost cause...." or somethin.
this never happens...but i found it myself in case anyones wondering. beck- lost cause. im not a fan of beck but this song is amazing!
omg, BelFiore, you are so right. I knew I heard that song somewhere before, and was singing it in my head, but I couldn't place it. Thanks!! :D

*downloading song from itunes* ;)
I was wondering about this song too... glad someone knew what it was. Thanks!! :)
Hey does anyone know the name of the guy that sang the song at the end of this week's scrub?


I remember hearing this song on this episode of Scrubs that played several times, the guy in the show kept seeing these like minuture guys singing this old skool hip hop song. All I remember from the lyrics was " a hip a hop a hippy to the hop and it don't stop, " something like that I dunno, anyways lemme know if you hear anything! Thanx
was that colin hay singing the cheers theme song at the end of this most recent scrubs episode?
It sounded a little like Damien Rice, but I'm not sure.

The one lyric that was sung over and over was "all you have to do is cry" or something like that...

im looking for this too...and it also said I take the blue ones everytime...
It sounded very mellow like Damien Rice. The lyrics i got were "in your eyes/down your face they pour" and "ill take the blue ones every time"

I tried a google search and nothing came up <_<