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the guy is sittin in a seat and the song in the background is like "walk into the club, went across the room, she's lookin so fly, it musta been the shoes.."

thnx anyone
I know the commercial is for the Reebok Classic Wedge II and shows research rooms for football, etc. and then shows the Classic Research Room where the song is playing and there is a party going on. I also like this song and would love to get my grubby lil fingers on it.
i'm not going to give up on this song... i love it too much to. Please someone!!!!! Share the love.
please does anyone know this song? for some reason this thread is shunned :blink: anyway, just to refresh, the commercial where there's the runner and the football player training, then they hear this music. They follow it to a room with a huge party in it with a really cool hip-hop song, lyrics are something like "step across the room, across the floor, ..(forgot).... it must be the shoes" Anyway, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks

....this seems like it'd be a pretty easy song to figure out...... this thread must be jinxed or something :blink: anyways.... reebok classic wedge II, rap song, "step across the room, across the floor...blah blah it must be them shoes..." thanks!!!