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    Reebok ZQuick sneakers whistling

    My boyfriend heard a song that starts off with whistling the other day on a commercial for sneakers. He thought Skechers, but isn't sure. I listed all the current songs I know of which whistling in them, but none were it. Does this ring a bell with anyone? He said it wasn't all whistling, just...
  2. M

    Reebok ZigTech

    There's a new Reebok Zigtech commercial out with a great blues-rock tune on it that I'm trying to locate. I tried the site that usually does the Reebok Zigtech ads but they don't have it. I can't find the ad on Youtube yet either. Anyone seen this?
  3. V

    Reebok EasyTone

    The one where you see all the nice butts..anyone know that music
  4. K

    Reebok ZigTech John Wall

    Anybody know this song?
  5. R

    Reebok ZigTech Sidney Crosby

    Sidney Crosby Zig Tech commercial the energy drink for your feet Hello gang! Hope all is having a great spring! New Sidney Crosby Zig tech Reebok commercial here....and no it's not the Ocho Cinco one...this one just came out. Sounds like Beck's E-pro but it's not. Any help would be...
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    Reebok ZigTech Ocho Cinco

    Anyone know this song:
  7. A

    Reebok NFL Join The Migration

    all right, maybe i'm the first to have seen the extended version of this commercial, or maybe i'm the only herb that actually likes the song... but i know most of you have probably seen the Reebok "Join the Migration" commercials featuring NFL players walking, trecking and hitch hiking to get...
  8. F

    Reebok Football The song is playing when you load the website, as well as during all the commercials.
  9. C

    Reebok Sidney Crosby

    Hi, can anyone identify the song int the background of this commercial? Thanks
  10. G

    Reebok pump

    Hi, does anyone know the name of the new reebok the pump advert music, it has some conga(drums playing, i like the sound alot, if you can help me out would be much appreciated!
  11. A

    Reebok Allen Iverson

    anyone have a clue as to the music played in the reebok commercial where allen iverson is talking about his life, while playing pool. Very mellow sounding, long bass and guitars chords. THANKSS! :ph34r:
  12. T


    its the new commercial with with A.I an a bunch of NBa players shooting a jumpshot, while A.I is saying " a jumpshot can get you...." and listing all this stuff. the song only play for a bit of it, and its only a accustic guitar, its probably just a little bit created for the commercial, but if...
  13. S


    the guy is sittin in a seat and the song in the background is like "walk into the club, went across the room, she's lookin so fly, it musta been the shoes.." thnx anyone
  14. T

    Reebok 50 Cent

    Does anyone know the background music ?
  15. S

    Reebok S Carter Jay-Z

    Latest ad for Jay-Z's signature collection also features Jamal Crawford of the New York Knicks. Music courtesy of CASSIDY "I'm A Hustla"
  16. C


    I know its the william tell overture and i think its by DJ Shadow (or so ive been told). And i have a recording of the commercial but im looking for a version of the song without words. any ideas on where to buy it? or what to look for?
  17. J

    Reebok Opera

    Hi, I'm seeking for the song featured in a recent Reebok commercial, theres a NBA player that wakes up at 5 am, and then goes running, at at the end theres a shot of the skyline on the city and the Reebok logo, you know the one I mean? thanks
  18. U

    Reebok DMX

    Ok here is a real test, years ago there was a Reebok commercial to market their DMX air cushion technology when it first came out... and the commercial was of a woman running in a park and then the camera zooms in on the shoe inside the DMX air bubble and there are little amoeba looking cells...
  19. D

    Reebok pug

    I saw a Reebok ad last night during the Dave Chapelle show (Comedy Central) for a Reebok classic shoe. The commercial features a really cute pug who steal a guy's shoe and chews it up. The song is hip hop or trip hop. Did anyone see the ad and recognize the song? Thanks! B)
  20. C


    Does anyone know about the title of the composition played during this Ad. We see a basket ball player running with his basket ball and finally climb large stairs and dropping the ball... any idea??