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Ok here is a real test, years ago there was a Reebok commercial to market their DMX air cushion technology when it first came out... and the commercial was of a woman running in a park and then the camera zooms in on the shoe inside the DMX air bubble and there are little amoeba looking cells that look like the shape of the DMX cushion that are making electricity or mimicing the functions of human cells in the body and there is a techno song playing while all this is going on, and then the cam zooms out again to the person running and the techno song beat gets stronger.. so maybe someone remembers it.. this is for the hardcore members here B) thanks for any info
I'm sure that over here in the UK they used Jimi Hendrix - Are you Experienced. Not very techno, but do you think it could have been a remix?
oh man i was PRAYING that would be it.. but it isnt, good song though, the song in the commercial was deffinently all techno and it may have been made just for that commercial :( but it sounded really really cool...